We Are Who We Are (HBO)
1 Seasons

We Are Who We Are (HBO): 

Two teenagers explore their true identities while living on a military base in Chioggia, Italy in this fearless coming-of-age drama series.

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Right here, right now #1
1. Right here, right now #1

Series premiere. When his mother's new military assignment uproots their family ...

Right here, right now #2
2. Right here, right now #2

Fraser uncovers one of Caitlin's deepest secrets, forever changing their relatio...

Right here, right now #3
3. Right here, right now #3

The dynamics of the friend group shift after Caitlin and Sam's break up. Meanwhi...

Right here, right now #4
4. Right here, right now #4

Before Craig deploys to Afghanistan, his friends throw him an epic wedding.

Right here, right now #5
5. Right here, right now #5

The dynamics between the Wilson and Poythress families escalate while Caitlin an...

Right here, right now #6
6. Right here, right now #6

Fraser and Jonathan develop a friendship while Richard becomes increasingly awar...

Right here, right now #7
7. Right here, right now #7

When Richard's insubordination reaches a breaking point, Sarah must make a diffi...

Right here, right now #8
8. Right here, right now #8

Season finale. Caitlin and Fraser enjoy their final moments together in the most...

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We Are Who We Are (HBO)


drama, international, original


1 Seasons Available (8 Episodes)

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About This Series

In this fearless coming-of-age series, enigmatic 14-year-old Fraser (Jack Dylan Grazer) is uprooted from his life when his mother (Chloe Sevigny) accepts a position in a struggling army unit in a seaside Italian town. In the midst of exploring his gender identity, Fraser meets Caitlin (newcomer Jordan Kristine Seamon), another teen on base also grappling with her identity.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Jack Grazer, Jordan Kristine Seamon, Chloe Sevigny, Alice Braga, Kid Cudi, Faith Alabi, Spence Moore, Francesca Scorsese, Ben Taylor, Beatrice Barichella, Corey Knight, Tom Mercier, Sebastiano Pigazzi, Vittoria Bottin, Nicole Celpan, Hans Bush, Kevin Shen, Brixhilda Shqalsi, Giulia Manzini, Jacopo Brigotti, Arturo Gabbriellini, Emma Segat, James Sweatman, Nichola Shanta Sauders, Gaia Schiralli, Lisa Lazzaro

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