The Casual Vacancy (HBO)

The Casual Vacancy (HBO)

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From the bestselling book by J.K. Rowling comes this three-part drama series about a town at war over the future of its community center. When a beloved Parish councilmember dies suddenly, it creates a power vacuum that consumes the town. As neighbors hastily choose sides, the race takes a deeply personal turn thanks to an unknown blogger who begins revealing some ugly secrets.


The Casual Vacancy
1. The Casual Vacancy

A sudden death creates chaos in the town of Pagford over a pivotal empty seat on...

The Casual Vacancy
2. The Casual Vacancy

As the town mourns at Barry's funeral, candidates for his seat find their darkes...

The Casual Vacancy
3. The Casual Vacancy

The election results and the Sweetlove House matter are decided; another tragedy...

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