Legacy (HBO)
1 Seasons

Legacy (HBO): 

In 1920s China, the siblings of the wealthy Yi family vie for their inheritance as the threat of war looms large.

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Legacy focuses on family affection, represented by the Yi family. As they firstly scramble for family fortunes but ultimately unite for revitalizing the family business.

Episode 1
1. Episode 1

At the joint celebration of his birthday and 10th anniversary of his Xinghua Dep...

Episode 2
2. Episode 2

Amid rising tensions with her family, Zhongyu runs away…and is promptly kidnappe...

Episode 3
3. Episode 3

After escaping her kidnappers, Zhongyu apologizes to her family – and receives a...

Episode 4
4. Episode 4

An attack at Xinghua Department Store leaves Yi Xinghua’s fate in limbo.

Episode 5
5. Episode 5

The three sisters start working at Xinghua Department Store and find new ways to...

Episode 6
6. Episode 6

Zhongling’s new perfume sparks interest throughout Shanghai – and from the Japan...

Episode 7
7. Episode 7

As the sisters uncover an employee’s shady business dealings, Zhongyu confronts ...

Episode 8
8. Episode 8

After Yi Xinghua becomes a target, Zhongling’s husband Commander Xi Weian increa...

Episode 9
9. Episode 9

Yi Xinghua eyes some potential marriage arrangements for his daughters, while Zh...

Episode 10
10. Episode 10

Zhongxiu and Zhongling strategize against a rival mall’s rising popularity, whil...

Episode 11
11. Episode 11

Amid Zhongxiu and Zhongyu’s feud, their father receives alarming information abo...

Episode 12
12. Episode 12

Despite public criticism, the Yi family hold a beauty contest sponsored by the d...

Episode 13
13. Episode 13

The Miss Shanghai contest is threatened by a protest… and a gun fight.

Episode 14
14. Episode 14

After Miss Shanghai is crowned, Weian and a colleague engage in a violent standoff.

Episode 15
15. Episode 15

Zhongyu finally admits her feelings for Tang Fengwu, while Zhongling and Weian g...

Episode 16
16. Episode 16

Zhongjie and Ayuan grow close, much to the displeasure of his parents, while Cou...

Episode 17
17. Episode 17

Shortly after Zhongxiu exposes Zhongling’s family background, Yi Xinghua finally...

Episode 18
18. Episode 18

January 1922. After the Japanese invade Shanghai, the Yi family scrambles to fin...

Episode 19
19. Episode 19

An unmarried Zhongyu returns from France, only to reveal how a secretary came be...

Episode 20
20. Episode 20

After meeting with Shen Bin, Zhongyu learns that Zhongjie and Ayuan are no longe...

Episode 21
21. Episode 21

The sisters reaffirm their loyalty to the family and business before being intro...

Episode 22
22. Episode 22

Yi Xinghua’s meeting with Takashi has catastrophic results for the Yi family.

Episode 23
23. Episode 23

The family tries to persuade Zhongyu to fulfill her father’s last wish: marrying...

Episode 24
24. Episode 24

Zhongyu finally marries Tang Fengwu – but not before confronting him over his re...

Episode 25
25. Episode 25

The three sisters decide to exact revenge on those responsible for their father’...

Episode 26
26. Episode 26

Tang Fengwu goes to great lengths to reconcile with Zhongyu – but it might be to...

Episode 27
27. Episode 27

While the sisters aid with refugee efforts, Wang Jianchi enlists the help of Tan...

Episode 28
28. Episode 28

While Zhongyu is caught in an attack that also destroys Xinghua Mall, Wang Jianc...

Episode 29
29. Episode 29

After the family digs up property hidden by Yi Xinghua, Zhongyu decides to use h...

Episode 30
30. Episode 30

In an attempt to reconcile once again, Tang Fengwu takes Zhongyu to the refugee ...

Episode 31
31. Episode 31

Ayuan and Zhongjie tearfully part ways as a newly returned Takashi forcefully co...

Episode 32
32. Episode 32

Zhongyu continues helping at the refugee camp, as Huang Yingru learns about Zhon...

Episode 33
33. Episode 33

After Weian returns and rejects Zhongling, Huang Yingru secretly asks Wang Jianc...

Episode 34
34. Episode 34

While Zhongyu discovers how her investments in Shen Bin’s companies have been us...

Episode 35
35. Episode 35

While Zhongyu definitively ends her engagement to Shen Bin, Zhongling is frustra...

Episode 36
36. Episode 36

After she and Tang Fengwu solidify their commitment to one another, Zhongyu lear...

Episode 37
37. Episode 37

Takashi confronts Weian after Wang Jianchi singles him out for being behind the ...

Episode 38
38. Episode 38

The three sisters are driven out of their family home after Shen Bin takes posse...

Episode 39
39. Episode 39

When the sisters start a new business effort, their success attracts the wrong k...

Episode 40
40. Episode 40

After Japan surrenders in 1945, each member of the Yi family attempts to move fo...

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Legacy (HBO)


drama, romance


1 Seasons Available (40 Episodes)

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About This Series

Set in 1920s Shanghai, Legacy follows the wealthy Yi family, the epitome of a high-class, picture-perfect family who own the most famous department store in China. But when heiress and estranged middle daughter Zhongyu returns from Singapore to stake her claim in her father’s business empire, her sisters Zhongling and Zhongxiu join in, each with their own prerogative. As the siblings clash over business, love, and family, the Sino-Japanese war steadily unfolds, transforming their way of life. Devastating, yet ultimately optimistic, this family drama follows the sisters as they work together to keep the business afloat – and their lives intact – amidst the turmoil of war.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Qin Lan, Wu Jinyan, Han Geng, Nie Yuan, Liu Jun, Miao Pu, Zhang Nan

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