Juanpa + Chef

Juanpa prepares for a challenge he never faced before: becoming a chef. Hand in hand with the best chefs in Mexico and beyond, together but at a distance, he connects with the chef that is inside of him.

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Social media influencer Juanpa gets ready to tackle his greatest challenge yet: the kitchen, with help from some of the best chefs in Mexico and beyond.

Juanpa + Toño de Livier
1. Juanpa + Toño de Livier

Chef Toño de Livier’s attempt to teach Juanpa to cook his signature Asian-Mexica...

Juanpa + Poncho Cadena
2. Juanpa + Poncho Cadena

Fourth generation chef Poncho Cadena wows Juanpa with his signature beetroot agu...

Juanpa + Paulina Abascal
3. Juanpa + Paulina Abascal

With help from top pastry chef Paulina Abascal, Juanpa learns how to separate eg...

Juanpa + Adrián Herrera
4. Juanpa + Adrián Herrera

Juanpa’s self-proclaimed ability to make eggs is put to the test when self-taugh...

Juanpa + Alejandra Rivas
5. Juanpa + Alejandra Rivas

Juanpa continues his egg-cellent journey with a classic Spanish tortilla, before...

Juanpa + Daniela Soto-Innes
6. Juanpa + Daniela Soto-Innes

Acclaimed U.S.-based chef Daniela Soto-Innes takes Juanpa through a corn meringu...

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About This Series

In this first season Juanpa faces a series of culinary challenges that are no piece of cake, but he is not alone. With the help of the best chefs in Mexico, each of them from their own kitchen, he elevates his techniques in each episode proving to himself that he is not afraid of success despite the cuts and burns. His family and friends witness his progress and join in the adventure.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Juan Zurita

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