A Thousand Fangs (Mil colmillos)

A Thousand Fangs (Mil colmillos)

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In this horror series, an elite commando team is deployed to the Colombian jungle with the mission of ending a mysterious leader who has under his command a large militia of unknown origin. The mission is apparently straightforward, but things take a turn for the supernatural and terrifying as they begin to be eliminated one by one in an inexplicable way.

Starring: Claudio Cataño, Alejandro Buitrago, Héctor Sánchez, Andrea Olaya, Jaisson Jeack, Jarlin Martinez, Andrés Londono, Carolina Ribón, Carlos Mariño, Sebastián Carvajal


A commando team faces dark and supernatural forces during a mission deep in the Colombian jungle in this horror series.

Camouflage (Cara pintada)
1. Camouflage (Cara pintada)

A special forces team heads deep into the jungle to neutralize wanted fugitive “...

Mobuya tir toro
2. Mobuya tir toro

As time runs out for Rojas’ team to escape the cave and reach the extraction poi...

Dead Weight (Peso muerto)
3. Dead Weight (Peso muerto)

As Pardo struggles to survive, Rojas' group encounters a fearful stranger while ...

Young & Stupid
4. Young & Stupid

The commandos search an abandoned hydroelectric plant as they ponder what to do ...

Run (Corre)
5. Run (Corre)

A brutal assault by Matías' warriors leads the team on a search for an escape route.

Contagion (Contagio)
6. Contagion (Contagio)

While a change of scenery brings fresh terrors for the commandos, chaos erupts b...

The Beast (La bestia)
7. The Beast (La bestia)

Rojas and Castillo fight for their lives as the other commandos face their worst...

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