The Missing (Os Ausentes)

The Missing (Os Ausentes)

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The Missing (Os Ausentes) finds former police chief Raul Fagnani using his investigative skills to help reunite clients with lost loved ones across São Paulo. Haunted by his own demons, Raul’s life is turned upside-down when the mysterious Maria Júlia seeks to join the Ausentes agency, armed with her own agenda - and her own secrets. Inspired by Brazil’s staggering missing persons epidemic, each episode of this high-octane procedural crime drama centers on the crucial few hours and days after a disappearance, as Raul uses his highly specific skillset to help provide others with answers - even as he deals with lingering questions of his own.

Starring: Maria Flor, Erom Cordeiro, Rogerio Brito, Indira Nascimento, Flávia Garrafa


After a mysterious stranger enters the picture, a former-police-chief-turned-private-investigator dedicated to reuniting clients with missing loved ones is forced to grapple with his own past in this high-octane crime drama from Brazil.

Roberta and Marcella
1. Roberta and Marcella

As Raul fights to keep his detective agency afloat while searching for a missing...

2. Priscila

While a new case forces him to relive distressing memories and drags his agency ...

3. Ailton

Things get personal when Waldir tackles a friend’s case. Meanwhile, Maria Júlia ...

4. Alzira

As they dig deeper into their respective pasts, Raul and Maria Júlia investigate...

5. Josley

In the aftermath of a dangerous accident, the Ausentes team attempts to track do...

6. Kelvin

While his agents search for a missing prisoner, Raul’s downward spiral leads him...

7. Zayn

The search for a missing Syrian man finds Raul and the team immersed in São Paul...

8. Tetsuo

While investigating the disappearance of a young boy, the team uncovers his fami...

9. Ciro

The agency investigates the case of a missing public official who may have ties ...

10. Sofia

Empowered by a new lead, the agency dives headfirst into Sofia’s case, bringing ...

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