Level Playing Field (HBO)

This series examines surprising stories from the world of sports that help explain how our politics work.

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Midnight Basketball
1. Midnight Basketball

An investigation of how the innovative youth program Midnight Basketball League ...

2. Misclassified

A look at the NCAA's creation of the term "student-athlete" and how it connects ...

Down the Backstretch
3. Down the Backstretch

A look at the policy shift that has made horseracing's most vital workers vulner...

The Assist
4. The Assist

Sports and activism collide when WNBA players push Georgia residents to challeng...

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About This Series

This docuseries examines how multibillion-dollar industries have historically underpaid their most valuable assets, politicized youth-based initiatives, and stifled players’ voices—especially those of Black athletes. Interviews include the WNBA’s Elizabeth Williams, senators Cory Booker and Raphael Warnock, sports journalist Jemele Hill, and more.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Elizabeth Williams, Cory Booker, Raphael Warnock, Jemele Hill

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