Prodigal Son

Prodigal Son

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Prodigal Son follows criminal psychologist Malcolm Bright as he uses his twisted genius to get inside the minds of murderers to help the NYPD solve cases. As Bright helps track down the city's most dangerous criminals, he also battles his own demons.

Starring: Tom Payne, Lou Diamond Phillips, Giuseppe Ardizzone, Halston Sage, Aurora Perrineau, Frank Harts, Keiko Agena, Bellamy Young, Michael Sheen, Lou Phillips


Criminal psychologist Malcolm Bright uses his twisted genius to get inside the minds of murderers to help the NYPD solve cases, while he also battles his own demons.

1. Pilot

Malcolm Bright knows how killers think because his father, Dr. Martin Whitly, wa...

2. Annihilator

Bright helps Arroyo solve a quadruple homicide, but he finds himself dealing wit...

Fear Response
3. Fear Response

One of Martin's favorite psychologists may be involved in a homicide linked to a...

Designer Complicity
4. Designer Complicity

Malcolm's childhood memories lead to a realization, and the murder of a famous m...

The Trip
5. The Trip

Malcolm tries to unravel the mystery of "the girl in the box," but his real life...

All Souls and Sadists
6. All Souls and Sadists

An uncovered photo unlocks Bright's repressed memories, and Bright bonds with so...

7. Q&A

Bright's quest for answers about his childhood leads him to a new "junkyard kill...

Family Friend
8. Family Friend

Malcolm realizes the "Junkyard Killer" might be connected to his father, and Ain...

9. Pied-A-Terre

When the FBI takes over the Junkyard Killer case, Malcolm tries out a "normal" l...

Silent Night
10. Silent Night

Knowing that the "Junkyard Killer" was in cahoots with his father, Malcolm goes ...

Alone Time
11. Alone Time

The FBI and NYPD band together to save Malcolm from the "Junkyard Killer." Meanw...

Internal Affairs
12. Internal Affairs

Following a mysterious and catastrophic incident in the precinct, Bright faces a...

Wait & Hope
13. Wait & Hope

Malcolm takes a detour from his mandated vacation time when he finds out a kille...

Eye of the Needle
14. Eye of the Needle

Jessica continues to search for more information on the "Girl in the Box," but i...

Death's Door
15. Death's Door

The NYPD teams up with Edrisa to go undercover at a convention of funeral directors.

The Job
16. The Job

When a motorcycle gang robbery turns into a murder, Malcolm and team are called ...

Stranger Beside You
17. Stranger Beside You

The NYPD dives into a case surrounding a famous mommy blogger whose husband was ...

18. Scheherazade

When an up-and-coming ballet dancer is mysteriously poisoned, the NYPD dives dee...

The Professionals
19. The Professionals

Malcolm and Ainsley are convinced there's more to Nicholas Endicott than meets t...

Like Father...
20. Like Father...

Malcolm continues to unravel as the mystery of the girl in the box comes to a head.

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