The Batman

The Batman

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In the stylish animated series The Batman, one of the most complex and intriguing characters in comic book history swoops into action-packed adventures. In Gotham, amongst the shadows, a young Batman finds his way as a protector, defender and Caped Crusader, while maintaining his public persona as billionaire bachelor Bruce Wayne.


Join the most complex and intriguing character in comic book history for action-packed super heroic adventures that test the limits of this legendary character's extraordinary physical prowess and super-sleuthing skills--The Batman.

The Bat in the Belfry
1. The Bat in the Belfry

The Batman finds himself dealing with a new breed of criminal when Joker takes o...

2. Traction

The Batman battles the masked criminal Bane, and once Bane activates his chemica...

Call of the Cobblepot
3. Call of the Cobblepot

"Ozzy" Cobblepot, aka Penguin, has delusions of rebuilding the lost Cobblepot fo...

The Man Who Would Be Bat
4. The Man Who Would Be Bat

Dr. Langstrom, a scientist in Wayne Industry's Genome Division, has been experim...

The Big Chill
5. The Big Chill

The Batman is on the trail of Mr. Freeze, a villain who uses his ice technology ...

The Cat and the Bat
6. The Cat and the Bat

After a news report erroneously links her with The Batman, Selina Kyle, the cat ...

The Big Heat
7. The Big Heat

While on the trail of Firefly, an arsonist/supervillain who uses refined flame-t...

Q & A
8. Q & A

The Batman engages in a game of wits with Cluemaster: a precocious ex-'quiz kid'...

The Big Dummy
9. The Big Dummy

The Batman's attempt to thwart the latest in a series of heists pits him against...

Topsy Turvy
10. Topsy Turvy

The Batman investigates a crime bearing the stamp of his archenemy Joker, despit...

Bird of Prey
11. Bird of Prey

While Bruce Wayne is busy being the subject of a "Day in the Life" segment of a ...

The Rubberface of Comedy
12. The Rubberface of Comedy

Joker wreaks havoc on all of Gotham with a new gizmo that can morph any object i...

The Clayface of Tragedy
13. The Clayface of Tragedy

Batman is pitted against a new villain named Clayface, who can transform his bod...

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