The Nevers


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The Story

Set in Victorian London, The Nevers follows a group of people who suddenly manifest an array of extraordinary abilities — some charming, others deadly. This new underclass are put in grave danger as they must fight the forces determined to control their kind.

The Characters

  • Amalia True

    Mysterious and impulsive, Amalia is the (somewhat reckless) leader of the Touched and co-founder of their safe haven, the orphanage.

  • Penance Adair

    Penance is a brilliant inventor and Amalia’s best friend; she is viewed as a gentle, caring leader of the Touched.

  • Lavinia Bidlow

    A wealthy benefactor and champion of the Touched, Lavinia funds the orphanage and has great influence in high society.

  • Hugo Swann

    A rich and irreverent proprietor of a sex club employing Touched individuals, Hugo is a posh pansexual playboy who indulges in the finer things in life.

  • Augustus 'Augie' Bidlow

    Sweet and awkward Augie is a keen ornithologist who is more than happy to let his older sister Lavinia take the reins of the family fortune.

  • Detective Frank Mundi

    Gruff and deeply honorable, Detective Frank Mundi finds himself torn between his duties and moral compass.

  • Lord Gilbert Massen

    A former General and an influential government official, Lord Massen leads a crusade against the Touched and sees them as a threat.

  • Maladie

    Tortured and murderous, Maladie runs a gang of Touched seeking power and goes on an infamous, public killing spree.

  • Dr. Horatio Cousens

    A successful physician who works with Amalia and the Touched, Dr. Cousens Turn equips him with supernatural healing power.

  • Annie 'Bonfire' Carbey

    Annie (also known as Bonfire) is a career criminal with the ability to control fire who came up rough and stayed that way.

  • Declan 'The Beggar King' Orrun

    A feared criminal crime lord, Declan Orrun earned his nickname “The Beggar King” for his ability to rally his followers, despite not having a political influence or wealth.

  • Mary Brighton

    A gentle but resilient woman, Mary pursues her dream of singing on stage despite a disappointing career and broken engagement.

  • Edmund Hague

    A gifted but deranged American surgeon, Dr. Hague uses his skills in the coldest, most brutal way possible.