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Person of Interest

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Person of Interest is a crime thriller about a presumed-dead former CIA agent, John Reese, who teams up with mysterious billionaire Harold Finch to prevent violent crimes with high-tech surveillance and their own brand of vigilante justice. Reese's special training in covert operations appeals to Finch, a software genius who invented a program, aka "The Machine," that can identify people soon to be involved in violent crimes. Tapping into ubiquitous surveillance feeds throughout the city, the two work outside of the law, combining Reese's black ops skills with Finch's technological prowess and unlimited wealth to unravel the mystery of the person of interest, and stop the crime before it happens. The right person, with the right information, at the right time, can change everything.

Starring: Jim Caviezel, Kevin Chapman, Michael Emerson


Person of Interest is a crime thriller about a presumed-dead former CIA agent, John Reese, who teams up with mysterious billionaire Harold Finch to prevent violent crimes.

1. Pilot

Jim Caviezel and Michael Emerson star in this crime thriller about an off-the-gr...

2. Ghosts

When they are given the Social Security number of a teenager who was killed two ...

Mission Creep
3. Mission Creep

When the Machine directs Reese and Finch to a former soldier with shady connecti...

Cura Te Ipsum
4. Cura Te Ipsum

When the number comes up on a promising young doctor, Megan Tillman, Reese and F...

5. Judgment

The Machine selects a judge who's hard on crime.

The Fix
6. The Fix

Reese finds himself captivated by their latest Person of Interest, a beautiful, ...

7. Witness

The Machine identifies a school teacher who witnessed a mob hit as their next PO...

8. Foe

Reese & Finch pit high-tech espionage against a Cold War spy

Get Carter
9. Get Carter

Detective Carter is selected as the Person of Interest.

Number Crunch
10. Number Crunch

As Detective Carter deals with the fallout from her recent encounter with Reese ...

11. Super

Detective Carter witnesses a POI case firsthand.

12. Legacy

It's Decision time: Carter comes face to face with Reese.

Root Cause
13. Root Cause

Reese helps a desperate man near his breaking point.

Wolf and Cub
14. Wolf and Cub

Reese protects a teen bent on avenging his brother's murder.

Blue Code
15. Blue Code

Reese discovers there's more to the story after he infiltrates a smuggling ring ...

16. Risk

Reese poses as an investor to protect a Wall St. trader.

Baby Blue
17. Baby Blue

Reese and Finch must protect an infant POI.

Identity Crisis
18. Identity Crisis

The Machine's latest number presents a unique challenge for Reese and Finch sinc...

Flesh and Blood
19. Flesh and Blood

When The Machine spits out five numbers, naming the Don of each of New York's cr...

Matsya Nyaya
20. Matsya Nyaya

The Machine's latest number places Reese undercover with an armored truck crew, ...

Many Happy Returns
21. Many Happy Returns

It's Reese's birthday, and Finch gives him a day off -- especially when he reali...

No Good Deed
22. No Good Deed

The newest POI's curiosity could spell his doom when he finds himself embroiled ...

23. Firewall

The FBI close in on Reese.

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