What I Like About You

What I Like About You

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Teen sensation Amanda Bynes teams up with Jennie Garth in this comedy about two young women who push their sisterly relationship to the limit. When their dad took a job in Japan, livewire Holly Tyler and her straight-laced sister, Valerie, moved in together in New York City--and Holly managed to unravel Val's well-ordered life in no time at all. Their new life has taken a lot of getting used to, but Val and Holly's relationship is stronger than ever.


Teen sensation Amanda Bynes teams up with Jennie Garth in this comedy about two young women who push their sisterly relationship to the limit.

1. Pilot

Two young women push their sisterly relationship to the limits by becoming roomm...

Spa Day
2. Spa Day

Holly and Val plan a day of pampering, but Holly finds herself in a "sticky" sit...

3. Roommates

When Holly's unintentionally disruptive antics finally become unbearable, Val cr...

The Teddy Bear
4. The Teddy Bear

Holly and Val battle for possession of a teddy bear they both cherished. When th...

Cool Older Sister
5. Cool Older Sister

Val tries to be less of an authority figure to Holly, but Val's patience is test...

The Parrot Trap
6. The Parrot Trap

Holly becomes smitten with a young man, Kyle, who is leading a protest movement ...

7. Tankini

Holly is excited to form a trio with her longtime pal, Samantha, and current bes...

Copy That
8. Copy That

Holly takes a job at a copy shop and thinks that her new co-worker, Jake, is int...

9. Thanksgiving

Val and Holly cancel Thanksgiving plans with their relatives, claiming that Holl...

The Party
10. The Party

Holly is enamored with a college student, Evan, who frequents Copy That, the pho...

The Other Woman
11. The Other Woman

Since Val's busy work schedule prevents her from being with Holly and Jeff, Val ...

Girl's Night Out
12. Girl's Night Out

While Jeff is out of town, Holly takes Val on a night out. However, the female b...

The Cheerleading Incident
13. The Cheerleading Incident

Jeff asks neurotic Val to be more spontaneous. She sneaks into his apartment wea...

The Game
14. The Game

Holly volunteers to work in Val's office during spring break from school. The gi...

Valentine's Day
15. Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day, Holly thinks that Jeff is planning to propose marriage to Va...

Holly's First Job
16. Holly's First Job

When Holly spends all of her money on an expensive sweater, Jeff agrees to hire ...

The Break Up
17. The Break Up

When Val returns from a skiing trip, she astounds Holly by announcing that she h...

Dude, Where's Val's Car
18. Dude, Where's Val's Car

Holly and her friend Henry skip school and "borrow" Val's car, but they panic wh...

Loose Lips
19. Loose Lips

Holly encourages her sister to mingle with her colleagues. However, an evening o...

The Fix Up
20. The Fix Up

Holly thinks that Val should start dating again and completely disregards her fr...

Tyler v. World
21. Tyler v. World

When Val's vindictive neighbor, Mindy, finds out that Val never got approval for...

The Talk
22. The Talk

After discovering Holly and her boyfriend, Henry, alone in Holly's bedroom, Val ...

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