Sealab 2021
5 Seasons

Sealab 2021: 

Misfits investigate underwater colonization.

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Misfits investigate underwater colonization.

Radio Free Sealab
1. Radio Free Sealab

No one will play with Captain Murphy. Bored and dejected, he starts a pirate rad...

I, Robot
2. I, Robot

A news item about Django, the little monkey whose brain was transplanted into a ...

Happy Cake
3. Happy Cake

Captain Murphy is horrified to discover that his beloved HappyCake Oven ("Makes ...

4. Chickmate

Debbie decides she wants to have a baby... now. She interviews all of the male c...

5. Predator

A bloodthirsty, killer alien has boarded Sealab and trapped the entire crew. His...

Lost In Time
6. Lost In Time

After a huge explosion destroys Sealab, Stormy and Dr. Quinn are mysteriously tr...

Little Orphan Angry
7. Little Orphan Angry

Griffin, a terminally ill orphan from the Final Request Foundation, pays a visit...

Waking Quinn
8. Waking Quinn

Dr. Quinn (electrocuted through an act of profound stupidity by Stormy) has a se...

All That Jazz
9. All That Jazz

Captain Murphy finds himself trapped under the monolithic "Bebop Cola" machine--...

Murphy Murphy & The Feng Shui Bunch
10. Murphy Murphy & The Feng Shui Bunch

Having nothing better to do, Murphy hires a high-priced feng shui master to "har...

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Sealab 2021


animation, comedy, fantasy-sci-fi, kid


5 Seasons Available (52 Episodes)

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About This Series

Using old animation and the same characters from Hanna Barbera's "Sealab 2020," all of the crew members aboard Sealab's submarine have gone insane. Their mental shortcomings make it difficult and inconceivable to properly run a trillion-dollar underwater research station, but their incoherent decision-making and farcical interactions with one another make for a hilarious remake of an oldie but goodie.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Michael Goz, Bill Lobley, Kate Miller, Ellis Henican, Brett Butler, Erik Estrada, MC Chris Estrada, Angela Gibbs, Adam Reed, Matt Thompson

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