Mia's Magic Playground

Mia's Magic Playground

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In the playground Mia, Oskar and Tilly gather together at break time, where they quickly take themselves into an active adventure only limited by their imaginations. They meet new friends and discover through their adventures to fail, grow, learn and ultimately, succeed in Mia's Magic Playground!


In the playground Mia, Oskar and Tilly gather together, where they take themselves into an active adventure. Through this adventure they will fail, grow, learn and then, ultimately, succeed!

Mia's Magic Comic Book
1. Mia's Magic Comic Book

Mia shows Oskar her hand-drawn comic book when a new girl, Tilly joins in. Mia t...

2. Playhouse

Mia, Oskar and Tilly decide to go and build a playhouse. Ice Cream Bear and the ...

Beetroot Girl
3. Beetroot Girl

Tilly wants to play superheroes. Mia, Oskar and Tilly all go to see what a super...

4. Octobubbly

Tilly won’t stop soaking Mia and Oskar by splashing in puddles. Soon they are al...

Cheer Up
5. Cheer Up

Oskar is bored and it seems nothing Mia and Tilly suggest can make him happy. It...

Sweetie Stealer
6. Sweetie Stealer

Mia, Oskar and Tilly are on a treasure hunt when Tilly disappears, has she taken...

Teeth Furry
7. Teeth Furry

Mia loses a tooth and Oskar, together with Tilly help her find it before the pes...

8. SoccerSaurus

Mia, Tilly and Oskar are in the forest playing football with the little Football...

Bee Careful
9. Bee Careful

Tilly is excited about her new pet dragonfly. When Mia and Oskar go in search of...

10. Birdhouse

The children are playing house. It's Tilly's turn to play Mummy but she doesn't ...

11. StopTime

When there just isn't enough time for playing, Mia, Tilly & Oskar enlist the hel...

12. Whirleyball

Tilly is excited about playing Whirley Ball but no one knows how to play the gam...

Space Facts
13. Space Facts

Oskar is keen to show the girls he knows everything about space but when he has ...

Rainbow Races
14. Rainbow Races

When it is revealed that Mia is a really fast runner. Tilly sets the challenge o...

New Kid
15. New Kid

Mia, Tilly and Oskar meet a new kid - Max but Oskar isn’t very kind. When they g...

Running Shoes
16. Running Shoes

Mia is upset when she realises her favourite climbing frame has been taken down,...

Dig Dog
17. Dig Dog

Mia and Tilly want to play puppy dogs, but Oskar wants to dig in the sandpit. To...

Mia in the Middle
18. Mia in the Middle

Mia is torn between Oskar and Tilly. Mia tries to please them by running between...

It Wasn't Me
19. It Wasn't Me

Oskar doesn’t like getting things wrong so when he makes a mistake he doesn’t wa...

Opposite World
20. Opposite World

Mia and Tilly want to play but everything they suggest to Oskar he finds impossi...

Snail Race
21. Snail Race

Tilly wants to play with her radio controlled truck, but Mia wants to play with ...

Robo Carrot
22. Robo Carrot

The children learn from Oskar's digital tablet - Robo Carrot and Beetroot Girl's...

Golden Garbage
23. Golden Garbage

An accident with a rubbish can in the playground turns into a video game for Mia...

What Would Mia Do?
24. What Would Mia Do?

Mia, Tilly and Oskar want to put on a song and dance show but deciding what to d...

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