The Third Day (HBO)

The Third Day (HBO)

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Told over six episodes and in two distinct halves, this thriller is set on Osea, a mysterious island off the British coast. "Summer" centers on Sam (Jude Law), a man drawn to Osea whose residents are set on preserving their traditions at any cost. "Winter" follows Helen (Naomie Harris), a strong-willed outsider whose arrival precipitates a battle to decide its fate.


Told over six episodes and in two distinct halves, this series focuses on a mysterious island and it's traditional residents.

Friday – The Father
1. Friday – The Father

Series premiere. After Londoner Sam rescues a young girl in the woods, he takes ...

Saturday - The Son
2. Saturday - The Son

In his quest to learn more about the islanders' beliefs, Sam has a series of hau...

Sunday - The Ghost
3. Sunday - The Ghost

Sam discovers the truth about his connection to Osea Island and fights to escape.

Monday - The Mother
4. Monday - The Mother

Helen brings her two daughters to Osea, but their trip takes an ominous turn whi...

Tuesday - The Daughter
5. Tuesday - The Daughter

Helen tends to a fateful birth and is questioned about her past, while a peculia...

Last Day - The Dark
6. Last Day - The Dark

Series finale. With a fractious battle for power brewing, Helen and her family f...

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