Invisible Stories (HBO)

Invisible Stories (HBO)

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Digging deep into the underbelly of familiar neighborhoods in Singapore to shine a light on a side of the island that is rarely seen, this six-part series of short stories reveals the fascinating perspectives of several marginalized, alienated characters who live within the same public housing estate.

Starring: Yeo Yann Yann, Devin Pan, Jeffrey Wang Yuqing, Aden Tan, Suchada Muller, Kaew Korravee, Ratchaneeboon Pheinwikraisophon, Gavin Yap, Roz Pho, Cana Yu, Sudip Biswas Deep, Sekar Sari, Jahangir Alam, Jit Dastidar, Regina Lim


Follow the lives of the alienated characters living in a Singapore public housing estate in this six-part series.

1. Lian

Following the death of her mother, Lian's life with her teenage autistic son qui...

2. Chuan

After reaching a breaking point, Chuan, a cab driver by day and conjurer by nigh...

3. June

June wonders if her sacrifices have been worth it after a dangerous incident thr...

4. Keagan

On the outside, Keagan has everything; but on the inside, nothing is at it seems.

5. Sayeed

Unexpected dangers loom over the much-needed, fast friendship of two immigrants.

6. Huiyi

Huiyi's obsession with becoming a social media influencer fractures her grip on ...

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