The Fungies!

Long ago on prehistoric Earth lived a bustling town of colorful mushroom folk – THE FUNGIES! Seth, a science-minded 10-year-old Fungie, is fascinated by how the world works and wants to tell Fungietown all about it. With a little help from his artistic older brother Pascal, Seth stirs up trouble in Fungietown, leading to hilarious and heartwarming emotional discoveries. The Fungies have their own unique biology – they can pop their limbs off and on, trade limbs, and even combine their bodies! But like any kid, Seth goes to school, hangs out with his friends, and searches for fun. Whether he’s planning an epic show-and-tell presentation, helping his dinosaur friend Pam find a job, or replacing his arm with a snake so he can be better at sports, Seth is always excited to try something new!

Starring: Harry Teitelman, Stephen Neary, Jennifer Coolidge, Tama Brutsche, Sam Richardson, Zaela Rae, Mary Faber, Justin Michael, June Squibb, Terry Gross