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Adventure Time: Distant Lands - BMO

Return to the Land of Ooo and beyond in Adventure Time: Distant Lands. Based on the animated series Adventure Time created by Pendleton Ward and executive produced by Adam Muto, this series explores the unseen corners of the world with characters both familiar and brand new. 

When a doomed space station hurtles towards extinction, it’s BMO to the rescue! Yes, really. What he lacks in size and strength he makes up for in bravery and imagination. Fortunately, this cute little robot has help! Joined by Y5, a nervous teenage rabbit, and Olive, a broken-down droid, BMO and his team of unlikely heroes step up to save an alien world in this epic first installment of Adventure Time: Distant Lands.



Interactive BMO

Join BMO aboard his spaceship! Find out more about his intergalactic mission and create some algebraic BMO beats you can share with friends!

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BMO headshot


BMO may look like a run-of-the-mill game console/computer/video camera/space cowboy, but this sassy little robot is so much more! He’s a hero wired for adventure and a loyal friend to all. Even if that friend is an alien rabbit who BMO only just met, upon a world teetering at the brink of destruction. If there’s danger, BMO will run towards it. Because that’s what he does. Sometimes.

Y5 headshot


Y5 is a teen scientist rabbit living on a failing space station called The Drift. Her idea of friendship is objectively observing others from a distance. But when BMO crash-lands on The Drift, can Y5 maintain her detached stance towards this unique robot visitor? Especially when BMO might be the hero her world desperately needs? The very fate of The Drift may rely on Y5 trusting BMO, throwing herself into the action, and listening to her heart. Even if it means getting into trouble.

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A silent, shape-shifting service droid, Olive is exactly the multi-purpose sidekick that BMO needs on his mission to save The Drift.

Mr. M headshot


At first, Mr. M seems like a suspicious dude who doesn’t have BMO’s best interests at heart. But first impressions are often misleading. Right?