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Adventure Time: Distant Lands - Together Again

After a break from adventuring, a series of mysterious events leads Finn and Jake farther from home than they have ever traveled before. When they find themselves face to face with a monstrous evil, Finn and Jake must unite for the adventure of their lifetimes!

HBO Max and Cartoon Network Studios: “Adventure Time: Distant Lands”

C’mon grab your friends for a special return to the Land of Ooo and beyond with “Adventure Time: Distant Lands.” Based on the animated series “Adventure Time by show creator Pendleton Ward and executive producer Adam Muto, these four specials explore the unseen corners of the world with both familiar and exciting brand-new characters. Join moderator Michaela Dietz, Amethyst from “Steven Universe,” as she shares all of the ba-nay-nay details about the “BMO” special from Adam Muto (executive producer), Glory Curda (Y5), Olivia Olson (Marceline) and Niki Yang (BMO).  Plus, stick around for a righteous sneak peek of the second special, “Obsidian.”  It’s gonna be so spice!


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The human half of a legendary heroic duo, Finn has had many epic adventures in the Land of Ooo. When a new adventure presents the opportunity to kick butt with Jake again, Finn dives right in to what is undoubtably the most important journey of his life!

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As the fun-loving, shape-shifting best friend of fellow hero Finn, Jake been on countless amazing adventures, though now he leads a peaceful existence. When his warrior spirit is rekindled, with some help from his brother Finn, Jake is ready take on one more epic adventure!

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