Tig n' Seek

Come on over to the always bustling Department of Lost and Found in the wonderous Wee-Gee City! Tig N’ Seek follows an upbeat and eccentric eight-year-old boy named Tiggy and his inventive cat Gweeseek. Tiggy not only works at the Department of Lost and Found, finding lost items all throughout Wee-Gee City, he lives there, too! Though he tries to help his friends whenever he can, his over-eagerness and neurotic quirks often lead to chaos in the Department. Gweeseek is Tiggy’s cat, partner, and best friend. She’s a graceful, friendly kitty who appears to be a normal cat, but is also capable of inventing extraordinary gadgets to help her friends in times of need. Join Tig n’ Seek as they navigate the wacky day-to-day dilemmas of working at the Department of Lost and Found!

Starring: Myke Chilian, Jermaine Clement, Rich Fulcher, Wanda Sykes, Vatche Panos, Louie Anderson, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Charlyne Yi, Les Claypool, John O’Hurley, Maryann Strossner

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