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Karma takes eighteen contestants, ranging in age from 12 to 15, completely off the grid away from parents and the normal comforts of home to solve puzzles and overcome physical challenges, with the laws of karma setting the rules. This adventure competition series, hosted by YouTube influencer Michelle Khare, will test the mental and physical stamina of its young contestants as they unravel how their social actions impact their success in the game. Focus, giving, humility, growth, connection, change, and patience are the path to becoming the “Karma Champion.” But more importantly, the players learn one of life's most profound lessons: "What you give out, you get back.”

Karma is executive produced by JD Roth, Adam Greener, and Sara Hansemenn for GoodStory Entertainment with Fred Pichel serving as showrunner and executive producer.

Karma: Challenge Accepted


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Michelle Khare is a trailblazing, multifaceted talent with a blossoming career as a content creator, online personality, host, and actress with over 170 million views across her social channels. She grew to fame during her production work for Buzzfeed, where she would post videos taking on intense physical and mental challenges. She then left Buzzfeed to focus on her own YouTube channel in order to create content that she hoped would educate, entertainment and inspire.

In her most popular YouTube series, Challenge Accepted, she tries out grueling training regiments for various professions. This lead to her next series, MK Ultra, where she would train like famous characters such as Batman and Rey from “Star Wars.” Across her platform, Khare has collaborated with dozens of high profile brands including Target, Chevrolet,  Toyota, and Playtex Sport. Khare was nominated for YouTuber of the Year at the 2019 Shorty Awards.


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