Dream The Future

Dream The Future

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What will the future look like? How will new discoveries and research impact our everyday lives in 2050?


What will the future look like? How will new discoveries and research impact our everyday lives in 2050?

Cities Of The Future
1. Cities Of The Future

How will cities in 2050 be able to accommodate the one million additional people...

Home Of The Future
2. Home Of The Future

How innovations in construction around 3D printing, material salvaging... In cit...

Medicine Of The Future
3. Medicine Of The Future

This episode will reveal how medicine in 2050 will be perfectly targeted and ada...

Transportation Of The Future
4. Transportation Of The Future

This episode will reveal a future in the making that is as astonishing as it is ...

Work Of The Future
5. Work Of The Future

New technologies will reshape and force us to rethink work. All around the world...

Waste Of The Future
6. Waste Of The Future

Innovations are emerging around the world to considerably reduce our waste: deve...

Cooking Of The Future
7. Cooking Of The Future

Cuisine meets a vital need, and a way of expressing pleasure, emotions, and shar...

Food Of The Future
8. Food Of The Future

This episode will reveal the ways in which our eating habits will be revolutioni...

Entertainment Of The Future
9. Entertainment Of The Future

Today, virtual reality headsets are reaching the masses and can already let user...

Sport Of The Future
10. Sport Of The Future

As we embark upon the 21st century, sports now occupy a central role in our live...

Farming of the Future
11. Farming of the Future

In 2050, demand for agricultural products will have increased by at least 70%. T...

Oceans of the Future
12. Oceans of the Future

The oceans are at the heart of the terrestrial climate machine. Without them, th...

Communication of the Future
13. Communication of the Future

Researchers and scientists from around the world are working on ways to make the...

Fashion of the Future
14. Fashion of the Future

New technologies will transform fashion in 2050: 3D textile printing, intelligen...

Music of the Future
15. Music of the Future

This episode will reveal how new technologies will transform music by 2050 new r...

Energy of the Future
16. Energy of the Future

Energy production will have to increase by 75% between now and 2050. The fossil ...

Heritage of the Future
17. Heritage of the Future

Our cultural heritage is one of humanity's most precious assets: how can we pass...

Art of the Future
18. Art of the Future

Art is undergoing a revolution from digital techniques, data flows, calculating ...

School of the Future
19. School of the Future

We want the best school possible for our children: one that nourishes their curi...

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