Tanner '88

Tanner '88

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Jack Tanner is a former congressman and dark-horse candidate in a crowded field for the Democratic nomination. Traveling with his daughter and tough campaign manager, Tanner rubs elbows with the likes of Bob Dole, Chris Matthews and Gary Hart during his star-crossed run for the White House.

Starring: Michael Murphy, Pamela Reed, Cynthia Nixon


Jack Tanner, a former congressman and dark-horse candidate in a crowded field for the Democratic nomination, runs for the White House.

The Dark Horse
1. The Dark Horse

Congressman Jack Tanner plunges into the primaries and reveals the funny side of...

For Real
2. For Real

Presidential candidate Tanner receives death threats.

The Night of the Twinkies
3. The Night of the Twinkies

Tanner gains on the presidential campaign trail.

Moonwalker and Bookbag
4. Moonwalker and Bookbag

Tanner learns a lesson about making commitments.

Bagels with Bruce
5. Bagels with Bruce

Tanner misses a congressional hearing.

Child's Play
6. Child's Play

Tanner attends a Hollywood party and meets media consultant Dorothy Sarnoff.

The Great Escape
7. The Great Escape

Tanner prepares for a debate in San Francisco, where he meets newswoman Linda El...

The Girlfriend Factor
8. The Girlfriend Factor

Jack Tanner is bringing his campaign to his home state of Michigan, and there he...

Something Borrowed, Something New
9. Something Borrowed, Something New

Jack Tanner is preparing for the Democratic convention in Atlanta and second tho...

The Boiler Room
10. The Boiler Room

The Democratic convention is almost certain to give Dukakis a first-ballot nomin...

The Reality Check
11. The Reality Check

Creditors descend on Tanner's Atlanta campaign headquarters, as campaign manager...

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