I'm Alan Partridge

I'm Alan Partridge

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East Anglia's favorite son is now the host of Up with the Partridge, the 4am show on Radio Norwich. But Alan is determined to secure a new television series and will do whatever it takes to win over the BBC.


Alan Partridge finds himself hosting a radio show in Norwich, desperate to get back to television.

A Room with an Alan
1. A Room with an Alan

Alan has one final meeting with the BBC to see if he can return to television.

Alan Attraction
2. Alan Attraction

Alan, without a second series and just days away from bankruptcy, has fallen in love.

Watershin Alan
3. Watershin Alan

Alan insults Norfolk's farmers on his radio show.

Basic Alan
4. Basic Alan

Since Alan is the only guest at the Linton Travel Tavern, it is closed for refur...

To Kill a Mocking Alan
5. To Kill a Mocking Alan

Alan puts on a Sunday afternoon version of his show for some Irish TV executives.

Towering Alan
6. Towering Alan

Dramatic developments at the BBC give Alan a whiff of hope.

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