I May Destroy You (HBO)

I May Destroy You (HBO)

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Where does liberation end and exploitation begin? Set in London, this fearless, frank and provocative series centers on Arabella (Michaela Coel), a carefree, self-assured Londoner with a group of great friends, a boyfriend in Italy, and a burgeoning writing career. But when she is spiked with a date-rape drug, Arabella must question and rebuild every element of her life.

Starring: Michaela Coel, Marouane Zotti, Stephen Wight, Adam James, Natalie Walter, Weruche Opia, Paapa Essiedu, Aml Ameen, Katherine Jakeways, Juno Dawson, Lara Rossi, Ann Akin, Sarah Niles, Mariah Gale, Rebecca Calder, Gualtiero Burzi, Alfredo Angelici, Camille Dugay, Alessandro Carbonara, Alberto Brosio, Andi Osho, Fehinti Balogun, Karan Gill, Urielle Klein-Mekongo, Tobi King Bakare, Samson Ajewole, Elise Palmer, Ellie James, Franc Ashman, Kadiff Kirwan, Harriet Webb, Shalisha James-Davis, Tor Clark, Sujaya Dasgupta, Gaby French, Eric Madgwick, Melissa Batchelor, Ian Bonar, Josiah Mutupa, Danielle Vitalis, Lauren-Joy Williams, Beverley Longhurst, Mark Weinman, Jay Lycurgo, Shiloh Coke, Will Rogers, Antonia Clarke, Victor Ade, Noah Maxwell-Clarke, Vivian Oparah, Marilyn Nnadebe, Pearl Chanda, Jonathan Slinger, Fela Lufadeju, Brielle Atuwo, Oluwadamilola Enamejewa, Victor Oshin, Jenny Wambaa, Michelle Greenidge, Dada Ashi, Adwoa Akoto, Yinka Awoni, Gershwyn Eustache Jnr, Tyler Luke Cunningham, Yasmin Zadeh, Chin Nyenwe, Fergus O'Donnell, Lewis Reeves


Set in London, this series centers on Arabella (Michaela Coel), whose raw and personal experience of consent is at the heart of the story.

Eyes Eyes Eyes Eyes
1. Eyes Eyes Eyes Eyes

Series premiere. Under the gun to complete a project, up-and-coming writer Arabe...

Someone is Lying
2. Someone is Lying

Disturbed by what little she remembers of the previous night, Arabella attempts ...

Don't Forget the Sea
3. Don't Forget the Sea

Three months earlier, Terry visits Arabella in Italy – and debauchery ensues.

That Was Fun
4. That Was Fun

Still processing her trauma from two months ago, Arabella sees a therapist and, ...

...It Just Came Up
5. ...It Just Came Up

Arabella reassesses a sexual encounter with Zain and goes off script at a litera...

The Alliance
6. The Alliance

Arabella attends a support group run by Theo, a high school acquaintance.

Happy Animals
7. Happy Animals

Broke and out of options, Arabella takes a day job. Birthday girl Terry warns Si...

Line Spectrum Border
8. Line Spectrum Border

Demoralized by a recent development in the investigation, Arabella hatches a ris...

Social Media is a Great Way to Connect
9. Social Media is a Great Way to Connect

Arabella's bloated social media presence finds her more glued to her phone than ...

The Cause the Cure
10. The Cause the Cure

Arabella faces a series of painful revelations on her mom's birthday. Kwame's ho...

Would You Like to Know the Sex?
11. Would You Like to Know the Sex?

Arabella faces the consequences of her writer's block and continues staking out ...

Ego Death
12. Ego Death

Season One Finale. A restored memory helps Arabella confront the last of her demons.

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