Schwarzes Marken

Schwarzes Marken

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In 1983, the East German Army 666th TSF Squadron, "Schwarzes marken," is a special-response force tasked with assaulting BETA forces. They specifically target Laser and Heavy Laser class BETA to disable their enemy's immense firepower. This merciless team's orders are given the highest priority, and they follow them so exactly that the 666th is known to ignore allied distress calls that would interfere with an ongoing mission, even if only for a moment.



Untitled 01
1. Untitled 01

In the year 1983, aliens have invaded East Germany. Will the brave mech pilots o...

Untitled 02
2. Untitled 02

Theodor shares the reality of Eastern Germany with Katia. The 666th are sent on ...

Untitled 03
3. Untitled 03

Theodor is inducted into a secret group that wants to overthrow the Stasi and re...

Untitled 04
4. Untitled 04

A gigantic operation is underway to wipe the BETA off of Europe and slow their a...

Untitled 05
5. Untitled 05

The Schwarzesmarken are forced into a dangerous laserjagd mission to destroy a B...

Untitled 06
6. Untitled 06

After the success of Operation Neptune, the Schwarzesmarken are hailed as heroes...

Untitled 07
7. Untitled 07

A 200,000 strong BETA contingent is advancing on the city of Berlin, and only a ...

Untitled 08
8. Untitled 08

Lise is revealed as a spy and most of the 666th is imprisoned. Theodor and Katia...

Untitled 09
9. Untitled 09

The Eastern Front armies lead an attack on Berlin, and attempt to rescue the 666...

Untitled 10
10. Untitled 10

Theodor is forced to kill his sister, Lise Hohenstein. The coup forces hold a me...

Untitled 11
11. Untitled 11

The head of the Stasi, and now the ruler of East Germany, reveals his true ident...

Untitled 12
12. Untitled 12

The final battle with the Werewolf battalion occurs in the skies over Berlin. Wi...

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