Hard (HBO)

Hard (HBO)

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In the wake of her husband's sudden death, a woman inherits the pornographic film company he was secretly running behind her back in this series. Out of work and at risk of losing her home, Sofia (Natalia Lage) decides to take the business in a more artistic direction, but it's not long before her new career begins to clash with her personal life.

Starring: Natalia Lage, Julio Machado, Martha Nowill, Fernando Alves Pinto, Denise Del Vecchio, Pedro Konop, Nathalia Falcao, Brunna Martins, Maite Schneider, Fabrizio Gorziza, Sergio Menezes, Natalia Dal, Martha Mellinger, Samira Carvalho, Giovanni de Lorenzi, Daniel Infantini, Carolina Ferraz


In the wake of her husband's death, a woman inherits the porn company he was secretly running behind her back in Season 1 of this series.

Hard 01
1. Hard 01

Series Premiere. In the wake of her husband's unexpected death, Sofia inherits a...

Hard 02
2. Hard 02

Sofia quickly discovers her law degree is outdated and selling SofiX won't be en...

Hard 03
3. Hard 03

Sofia is disappointed with the quality of content SofiX is producing and decides...

Hard 04
4. Hard 04

Sofia invites a theater director to the studio to help improve the staff’s actin...

Hard 05
5. Hard 05

Lucia pitches an interesting business idea that may be able to save SofiX.

Hard 06
6. Hard 06

Season finale. Violeta finds out about the secrets her mother has been hiding. S...

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