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Timely and intriguing short stories about science & tech, history, global issues and the personalities at the center of it all.

Starring: Laura Burns


Timely and intriguing short stories about science & tech history global issues and the personalities at the center of it all.

Asteroid or Alien Tech?
1. Asteroid or Alien Tech?

It was discovered on October 19th, 2017 and it was recognized as the first known...

Ketamine: From Street Drug to Lifesaver
2. Ketamine: From Street Drug to Lifesaver

Depression afflicts more than 300 million people, making it the leading global c...

Parasite Planet
3. Parasite Planet

Should we save parasites? These species have a bad reputation but are an essenti...

African Animal Rescue
4. African Animal Rescue

The staff of South Africa's Manyoni Private Game Reserve passionately care for s...

Tiny House: Living Off the Grid
5. Tiny House: Living Off the Grid

What do you get when you combine a passion for tiny-house living with cutting-ed...

Veggie Power
6. Veggie Power

Current research in nutrition points to our diet as the most important factor in...

The Science of Cute
7. The Science of Cute

Domestication shaped wolves into dogs and transformed their behavior and their a...

Berlin Wall Revisited
8. Berlin Wall Revisited

The fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9th, 1989, inevitably altered the landsc...

Explosion of Life
9. Explosion of Life

From wildflower blooms in the desert to large colonies of jellyfish off of Monte...

Sailing to the Stars
10. Sailing to the Stars

Solar sails, the latest in space travel technology, could one day help us reach ...

Bear Cub Rescue
11. Bear Cub Rescue

Growing up in Montana, Casey Anderson came to appreciate wild animals at a young...

Search for Japan's Lost Supersub
12. Search for Japan's Lost Supersub

The I-400 was one of the Imperial Japanese Navy's Sen Toku-class submarines, the...

The Wright Brothers: Bravery
13. The Wright Brothers: Bravery

Just over 100 years ago, a pair of brothers looked to the sky and changed the wo...

Growing up Hadza
14. Growing up Hadza

Our earliest ancestors, before developing agriculture as a source of food, forme...

Tastes Like T-Rex
15. Tastes Like T-Rex

Modern birds are the most direct descendants of some of the most iconic dinosaur...

Antarctica Science Below Zero
16. Antarctica Science Below Zero

Antarctica is a mysterious and unexplored continent. A group of scientists are s...

Locust Swarm
17. Locust Swarm

Devastating swarms of locusts are devouring everything in their path from Africa...

Octopus Encounters
17. Octopus Encounters

The octopus is as close to an alien being as anything we've seen on Earth. From ...

Hunt for the U-576
18. Hunt for the U-576

A team of maritime archaeologists descends 700 feet off the coast of North Carol...

Pompeii: Behind the Scenes
19. Pompeii: Behind the Scenes

Get a sneak peek at the cutting-edge science and sophisticated Hollywood product...

Crisis On Apollo
20. Crisis On Apollo

On the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 13, Commander Jim Lovell and Apollo engineers ...

Aliens in the Pond
21. Aliens in the Pond

An alien world of bizarre creatures exists in the surface film of most lakes and...

Insect Apocalypse
22. Insect Apocalypse

An alarming decline in insect populations could devastate all life on earth. Wha...

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