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Spinach, yuck! But not to the most famous, fearless comic strip sailor in the world, Popeye. Whether romancing his longtime sweetheart, Olive Oyl, rescuing defenseless infant Swee'Pea, or wrestling his nasty nemesis, Bluto, Popeye summons his spinach-induced strength to save the day. With one gulp of the vitamin-rich vegetable, Popeye transforms his scrawny body into a human dynamo! For high seas hijinks or landlocked levity, turn to the hilarious animated antics of that two-fisted tar Popeye.

Starring: Jack Mercer, Mae Questel, Jackson Beck


Spinach, yuck! But not to Popeye. Whether romancing his sweetheart, rescuing an infant or wrestling his nemesis, Popeye summons his strength to save the day. With one gulp, Popeye transforms his body into a human dynamo!

Seasin's Greetinks!
3. Seasin's Greetinks!

Popeye and Olive Oyl go ice skating and all is well until Bluto arrives. Bluto t...

Wild Elephinks
4. Wild Elephinks

Floating on a raft, Popeye and Olive Oyl land on a jungle island. A huge elephan...

Let's You and Him Fight
5. Let's You and Him Fight

Popeye challenges Bluto in the ring. Olive Oyl pleads with Popeye to not fight b...

The Man on the Flying Trapeze
6. The Man on the Flying Trapeze

Popeye learns Olive Oyl has gone away with a man on a flying trapeze. He takes s...

Shoein' Hosses
7. Shoein' Hosses

Olive Oyl, the proprietress of a blacksmith shop, fires her assistant Wimpy and ...

Strong to the Finich
8. Strong to the Finich

Popeye proceeds to teach the children at Olive Oyl's Health Farm a thing or two ...

Shiver Me Timbers!
9. Shiver Me Timbers!

Popeye is attracted to an old weather-beaten ship bearing a sign that says Ghost...

Axe Me Another
10. Axe Me Another

Popeye challenges Bluto for throwing Olive Oyl into the river. Popeye is winning...

A Dream Walking
11. A Dream Walking

Popeye and Bluto are awaken from their sleep by the sound of Olive Oyl sleepwalk...

The Two-Alarm Fire
12. The Two-Alarm Fire

Bluto and Popeye, rival volunteer firemen, answer an alarm at Olive Oyl's house....

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