Victor and Valentino

Two half brothers spend a summer with their grandmother in Monte Macabre, a small and mysterious town where the myths and legends of Mesoamerican folklore come to life.

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Two half brothers spend a summer with their grandmother in Monte Macabre, a small and mysterious town where the myths and legends of Mesoamerican folklore come to life.

Folk Art Foes
1. Folk Art Foes

When Vic accidently unleashes the lord of mischief from an ancient relic, V and ...

Dead Ringer
2. Dead Ringer

When Vic doesn’t pick Val for his soccer team, Val vows to win with his own squa...

Brotherly Love
3. Brotherly Love

After breaking Chata’s plant, Vic and Val must accomplish the seemingly easy tas...

Chata's Quinta Quinceañera
4. Chata's Quinta Quinceañera

Vic and Val want to go to a friend’s pool party on the same day as their grandma...

Legend of the Hidden Skate Park
5. Legend of the Hidden Skate Park

While searching for a hidden skate park, V and V happen upon a tribe of wild kid...

Cleaning Day
6. Cleaning Day

Victor & Valentino gain a newfound respect for cleanliness after Chata’s house t...

The Babysitter
7. The Babysitter

Vic & Val want to sneak out to a secret fireworks show but are thwarted when the...

Hurricane Chata
8. Hurricane Chata

When V & V discover that Chata’s emotions control the water in the lake, they us...

The Lonely Haunts Club
9. The Lonely Haunts Club

Instead of celebrating Valentine’s Day, Vic & Val take on a dare to explore a ha...

10. Suerte

When Vic cheats on an enchanted board game, the malevolent characters come to li...

The Dark Room
11. The Dark Room

After getting rejected by a photography club, Val tries to get a picture of the ...

The Collector
12. The Collector

When Vic accidentally loses one of Val’s prized coins Val makes a deal with a my...

The Boy Who Cried Lechuza
13. The Boy Who Cried Lechuza

After faking an injury to get out of work, Vic gains sympathy from everyone whil...

Boss For a Day
14. Boss For a Day

When Chata lets Vic be the boss of the taco stand for the day Vic decides to fir...

Cuddle Monster
15. Cuddle Monster

After being told by Chata that they can’t get a pet, Vic & Val adopt a wild liza...

Los Cadejos
16. Los Cadejos

Val holds a grudge against Vic, unwittingly attracting an evil cadejo, a mytholo...

It Grows
17. It Grows

As everyone celebrates Valentino for growing his first facial hair, a jealous Vi...

Welcome to the Underworld
18. Welcome to the Underworld

After Vic loses a wrestling match, V&V journey to the underworld to seek advice ...

A New Don
19. A New Don

When Vic & Val discover that Don isn’t really himself, it’s up to them to use hi...

Churro Kings
20. Churro Kings

When Vic & Val start making good money from selling churros at the taco stand, t...

Know It All
21. Know It All

When Vic accidently unleashes evil bats from a cave, it’s up to the boys and Don...

Fistfull of Balloons
22. Fistfull of Balloons

When Vic gets double-crossed during a water balloon fight, he goes on a revenge ...

Love at First Bite
23. Love at First Bite

Val crushes on a girl named Matty, who Vic is suspicious of but Val ignores his ...

Go With the Flow
24. Go With the Flow

When Sal stays with Vic & Val, the boys are annoyed by him as their roommate but...

25. Aluxes

When Vic finds an ancient relic that summons a gang of mischievous creatures, he...

Guillermo's Gathering
26. Guillermo's Gathering

When Vic & Val are forced to go to Guillermo’s boring birthday party, they devis...

Balloon Boys
27. Balloon Boys

Vic & Val go on a hot air balloon trip with Sal and compete to be his favorite, ...

The Great Bongo Heist
28. The Great Bongo Heist

The boys forget to get Chata a gift for Abuela Day and they pretend that the bon...

Escape From Bebe Bay
29. Escape From Bebe Bay

When Vic & Val accidentally turn themselves and Don into babies, they must escap...

Band For Life
30. Band For Life

When Vic and Val tag along with Xochi to a punk concert, they want to prove that...

Tez Says
31. Tez Says

Vic & Val are in awe of the new magician in town, but things go awry when they a...

Forever Ever
32. Forever Ever

When Vic and Val do a sloppy job cleaning up in Maria Theresa’s attic, they acci...

Dance Reynaldo Dance
33. Dance Reynaldo Dance

Vic wants to win the prize for the dance contest and is frustrated that his part...

Tree Buds
34. Tree Buds

Vic and Val build a treehouse and Val dismisses Vic with a frivolous task so he ...

The Lonely Haunts Club 2: Doll Island
35. The Lonely Haunts Club 2: Doll Island

In order to prove their bravery, V&V head to a haunted island to retrieve a spec...

36. Cat-Pocalypse

When Vic gets sick and is stuck in his room, he spies on Pineapple and becomes c...

El Silbon
37. El Silbon

Victor sets up a haunted corn maze, but the town kids think it’s lame. Vic decid...

On Nagual Hill
38. On Nagual Hill

Vic & Val take over a forest hill and build an epic waterslide, disturbing the p...

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About This Series

Victor and Valentino is a supernatural adventure comedy about two half-brothers who spend a summer with their grandma in a place called Monte Macabre, a small, mysterious town where the myths and legends of Mesoamerican folklore come to life.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Diego Molano, Sean-Ryan Petersen

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