Xavier: Renegade Angel

Xavier: Renegade Angel

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The oblivious adventures of Xavier, a wanderer with delusions of grandeur.


The oblivious adventures of Xavier, a wanderer with delusions of grandeur.

What Life D-D-Doth
1. What Life D-D-Doth

Meet Xavier, a seeker/searcher man/beast who takes his spirit quest thru Connect...

Chief Beef Loco
2. Chief Beef Loco

When a young boy's dreams of mascoting gets crushed by a local gang of gang memb...

Weapons Grade Life
3. Weapons Grade Life

Xavier comes to the rescue of a curious youngster who gets in over his heart try...

The 6th Teat of Good Intentions
4. The 6th Teat of Good Intentions

When a troubled woman loses her babies, Xavier has to insert himself into his ow...

Pet Siouxicide
5. Pet Siouxicide

Xavier surrenders his own freedom to the whims of a spoiled child to save dame h...

World of Hurt, BC
6. World of Hurt, BC

When a battered woman reaches out to Xavier for help, Xavier reaches inside her-...

7. Bloodcorn

When a factory mixem-up brings a town to its dusty knees, Xavier decides to PFR ...

Escape From Squatopian Freedom
8. Escape From Squatopian Freedom

When Xavier's significant Crystal is stoled, he is forced to venture forth.

Signs From Godrilla
9. Signs From Godrilla

Xavier must choose betwixt thy heart and thine mind.

Shakashuri Blowdown
10. Shakashuri Blowdown

And so the final chapter begends when Xavier meets his match.

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