McMillion$ (HBO)

McMillion$ (HBO)

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Ready for one of the most bizarre true-crime sagas ever revealed? It’s all in this six-part documentary series that details the true story of how $24 million was stolen from the McDonald’s Monopoly game during the 1990s, the mystery mastermind behind the scam and the intrepid FBI agents on his trail.

Starring: Tim Adams, Mark Devereaux, Jan Garvin, Chris Graham, Rob Holm, Tom Kneir, Doug Mathews, Amy Murray, Janet Pellicciotti, Richard White, Doug Astralaga, Marvin Braun, Frank Colombo, Heather Colombo, Robin Colombo, Marsha Derbyshire, Jennifer Ethridge, Doyle Grant, Brian Litteral, Perry Pealock, Gilben Peeples, Jack Sisk, Bill Wynn, Gloria Brown, Lee Cassano, Dwight Baker, George Chandler, Frankie Colombo, AJ Glomb, Balecia Brown-Anthony, John Boyanoski, Curtis Fallgatter, Ed Garland, Jared Jacobson, Janice Singer-Capek, Russell Chandler, Daryl Tolbert


Episode 1
. Episode 1

Documentary series chronicling the stranger-than-fiction story of an ex-cop turn...

Episode 2
. Episode 2

The FBI investigates two prominent figures in the scam, hoping to identify one o...

Episode 3
. Episode 3

Gloria Brown's connection to the scheme is revealed, as the Colombos diversify t...

Episode 4
. Episode 4

1998: A car accident lands Gennaro "Jerry" Colombo in the ICU, leading Jerome "J...

Episode 5
. Episode 5

The FBI intercepts a call with "Uncle Jerry" that leads them to capture crucial ...

Episode 6
. Episode 6

When Jerome "Jerry" Jacobson takes the stand, the remaining details of how he pu...

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