The Bachelor (UK)

The Bachelor (UK)

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The smash hit series where a man hopes to find the woman of his dreams. The Bachelor is one of the most popular and enduring dating shows in the world. Its huge success lies with its simple premise: an eligible bachelor starts with a pool of romantic interests from whom he is expected to choose a wife. Utterly addictive, every season brings new characters and conflicts as the participants live together and travel to romantic and exotic locations for adventures and dates. An unlucky lady is eliminated each week during the famous rose ceremony, until only two remain. Then, in the final, we'll see if the bachelor decides to propose and if his chosen woman decides to say yes.


An eligible bachelor starts with a pool of romantic interests from whom he is expected to choose a wife.

The Bachelor (UK) 101
1. The Bachelor (UK) 101

After meeting the initial 25 ladies, Gavin Henson has to decide which 15 to take...

The Bachelor (UK) 102
2. The Bachelor (UK) 102

Things get off to a flying start with an adrenaline-filled first date in which e...

The Bachelor (UK) 103
3. The Bachelor (UK) 103

The game is on when two attractive blondes with very different personalities go ...

The Bachelor (UK) 104
4. The Bachelor (UK) 104

Gavin and two ladies head off into the countryside in the south of France for a ...

The Bachelor (UK) 105
5. The Bachelor (UK) 105

The remaining hopefuls are invited to Venice, where they attend a traditional ma...

The Bachelor (UK) 106
6. The Bachelor (UK) 106

Following last week's scandal, Gavin takes the bull by the horns and chooses the...

The Bachelor (UK) 107
7. The Bachelor (UK) 107

The women are all invited to a toga party where they must create their own outfi...

The Bachelor (UK) 108
8. The Bachelor (UK) 108

The women are back on home turf as Gavin travels around the world to meet the re...

The Bachelor (UK) 109
9. The Bachelor (UK) 109

Gavin takes the remaining three women to St. Lucia, where they get to decide who...

The Bachelor (UK) 110
10. The Bachelor (UK) 110

After nine weeks of women, wine and roses, only two contenders remain in the gam...

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