The Bachelorette

4 Seasons

One lucky woman gets the opportunity to find the man of her dreams - and, perhaps, her groom-to-be - in this two-hour reality series.

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One lucky woman gets the opportunity to find the man of her dreams - and, perhaps, her groom-to-be - in this two-hour reality series.

The Bachelorette 1101
111. The Bachelorette 1101

Will it be Britt or Kaitlyn? For the first time ever, two fan favorites greet 25...

The Bachelorette 1102
112. The Bachelorette 1102

The action picks up with Britt and Kaitlyn anxiously awaiting the tally of the m...

The Bachelorette 1103
113. The Bachelorette 1103

Kaitlyn, the excited Bachelorette, takes Clint on the first one-on-one date, whi...

The Bachelorette 1104
114. The Bachelorette 1104

A room of terror tests Ben Z. and Kaitlyn on a one-on-one date and six bachelors...

The Bachelorette 1105
115. The Bachelorette 1105

Cliff and JJ face off. Then an unsuspecting Kaitlyn gets a shocking surprise sui...

The Bachelorette 1106
116. The Bachelorette 1106

Kaitlyn questions her decision to let Nick stay, as the remaining men travel to ...

The Bachelorette 1107
117. The Bachelorette 1107

One bombshell after another explodes: Ian's showdown with Kaitlyn turns nasty, a...

The Bachelorette 1108
118. The Bachelorette 1108

Kaitlyn tries to protect her relationships in the face of her indiscretion, whil...

The Bachelorette 1109
119. The Bachelorette 1109

Kaitlyn faces one of her most difficult decisions as overnight dates loom, and t...

The Bachelorette 1110
120. The Bachelorette 1110

The overnight dates continue as three men remain: Ben H., Nick and Shawn. Kaitly...

The Bachelorette 1111
121. The Bachelorette 1111

It's an unpredictable reunion! Kaitlyn faces the men she rejected as 17 jilted b...

The Bachelorette 1112
122. The Bachelorette 1112

In the dramatic season finale, Kaitlyn is torn between the two remaining men: Ni...

The Bachelorette 1113
123. The Bachelorette 1113

Immediately following the exciting season finale, Kaitlyn, Nick and Shawn look b...

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4 Seasons Available (50 Episodes)

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The Bachelorette

On ABC's hit primetime reality series The Bachelorette, one lucky woman is offered the chance to find true love. A single and eligible Bachelorette embarks on a romantic journey, getting to know a number of handsome men, gradually narrowing the field as she continues her search for her soul mate. At the end of this romantic voyage, if she has found the one, will there be a proposal - and will she say yes?

Cast and Crew

Starring: Chris Harrison

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