Witness (HBO)

Witness (HBO)

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From award-winning filmmaker Michael Mann comes this four-part documentary series that follows combat photojournalists Eros Hoagland, Michael Christopher Brown and Veronique de Viguerie into conflict zones in Mexico, Libya, South Sudan and Brazil.


Witness: Juarez
1. Witness: Juarez

Combat photographer Eros Hoagland ventures into Juarez, Mexico where drug violen...

Witness: Libya
2. Witness: Libya

Photographer Michael Christopher Brown snaps shots in the ever-complicated and d...

Witness: South Sudan
3. Witness: South Sudan

French photojournalist Veronique de Viguerie travels to the South Sudan--pregnan...

Witness: Rio
4. Witness: Rio

In Rio de Janeiro, a city crippled by war between drug gangs and police, fearles...

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