Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

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Ben's secret identity isn't a secret anymore. He's a hero to some, a menace to most, and wielding a brand new Omnitrix. So look out planet Earth!

Starring: Yuri Lowenthal, Ashley Johnson, Greg Cipes


Ben's secret identity isn't a secret anymore. He's a hero to some, a menace to most, and wielding a brand new Omnitrix. So look out planet Earth!

1. Fame

Ben's secret identity is revealed to the world, and an alien refugee is about to...

2. Duped

Under pressure from his newfound fame, Ben comes up with a plan to be at more th...

Hit 'Em Where They Live
3. Hit 'Em Where They Live

Now that Ben’s secret identity is out in the open, his old enemies team up to at...

Video Games
4. Video Games

Ben’s celebrity lands him a starring role in his own video game.

Escape from Aggregor
5. Escape from Aggregor

Five aliens from another galaxy attempt to escape from their mysterious captor.

Too Hot to Handle
6. Too Hot to Handle

A radioactive alien menace tricks Kevin into freeing him from his containment suit.

Andreas' Fault
7. Andreas' Fault

The team discovers that alien con-man Argit has somehow become the leader of the...

8. Fused

Ben is trapped in the form of his newest transformation, a form Aggregor intends...

Hero Time
9. Hero Time

A starstruck Ben dates a beautiful young movie actress, while his childhood hero...

Ultimate Aggregor
10. Ultimate Aggregor

Aggregor's ultimate plan is revealed, and it's already too late to stop him!

Map of Infinity
11. Map of Infinity

Ben and his team travel to a bizarre half-frozen, half molten planet to prevent ...

Reflected Glory
12. Reflected Glory

JT and Cash get in over their heads when they take credit for Ben's heroic acts.

13. Deep

Ben, Kevin, and Gwen journey to the center of an all-water planet in an attempt ...

Where the Magic Happens
14. Where the Magic Happens

Gwen takes the team to a dimension of magic, where their only hope of survival r...

15. Perplexahedron

Ben, Kevin and Gwen race Aggregor through a mysterious artificial planetoid desi...

The Forge of Creation
16. The Forge of Creation

Professor Paradox holds the key to stopping Aggregor from tapping into the limit...

Nor Iron Bars a Cage
17. Nor Iron Bars a Cage

To settle an old score, Kevin voluntarily returns to the Null Void prison he onc...

The Enemy of My Enemy
18. The Enemy of My Enemy

Argit infiltrates the Plumber's Academy with a plan to help the Vreedle Brothers...

Absolute Power Part 1
19. Absolute Power Part 1

Ben is infuriated when Gwen asks Darkstar for his help defeating the team's dead...

Absolute Power Part 2
20. Absolute Power Part 2

It's Ben and company's last stand against a foe they can't bring themselves to fight!

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