At Home with Amy Sedaris

At Home with Amy Sedaris

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Amy Sedaris applies her distinctive brand of silliness to a mash-up of hospitality, variety and talk show formats showcasing her diverse homemaking skills.


With help from her friends, Amy prepares a fish dinner for a group of businessme...

Cooking for One
2. Cooking for One

Amy demonstrates the independent bliss of the single lady lifestyle – until Amy'...

Gift Giving
3. Gift Giving

Amy gives instructions on gluing things to popsicle sticks, working with pipe cl...

Entertaining for Peanuts
4. Entertaining for Peanuts

Amy’s rich uncle is coming to visit, and she’s planning to prepare a dinner fit ...

5. Grieving

Amy dedicates this show to entertaining gloomy guests who need a pick-me-up. Plu...

6. Nature

After performing her morning routine of outdoor Tai Chi in the nude, Amy gets lo...

7. Holidays

A mishap prevents Amy from continuing her celebrity-packed holiday spectacular, ...

Out of This World
8. Out of This World

What does it mean to push the boundaries of hospitality? Or to take the 7-course...

Making Love
9. Making Love

Amy dedicates her show to the craft of love-making: offering viewers advice and ...

10. Murdercide

Amy was having the book club over for paella when during a rainstorm, a stranger...

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