Apple & Onion

2 Seasons

In a world of talking food, best mates Apple and Onion fumble through city life, tackling ordinary problems by extraordinary means.

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In a world of talking food, best mates Apple and Onion fumble through city life, tackling ordinary problems by extraordinary means.

A New Life
1. A New Life

Apple and Onion both leave their homes and follow their dreams to the big city b...

The Perfect Team
2. The Perfect Team

Onion worries his relationship with Apple is in jeopardy when a stray cat enters...

3. Tips

Apple and Onion have to find a way to ride the Hot Air Balloon which is in their...

Falafel's Fun Day
4. Falafel's Fun Day

When Falafel decides to pack up and leave the city, Apple and Onion have to conv...

Apple's in Trouble
5. Apple's in Trouble

Apple is challenged to a fight by a grumpy Cheesesteak, so he and Onion go on a ...

4 on 1
6. 4 on 1

Onion’s fear of crowds threatens his basketball team’s success.

Hotdog's Movie Premiere
7. Hotdog's Movie Premiere

Apple and Onion square off against a no-nonsense security guard after they’re ba...

Bottle Catch
8. Bottle Catch

Apple and Onion’s favorite game attracts some unexpected attention.

Pancake's Bus Tour
9. Pancake's Bus Tour

Apple and Onion go on a guided bus tour as part of their plan to get Apple’s sho...

Block Party
10. Block Party

Apple and Onion have to outwit a mean duck who’s taken over their building’s roof.

Apple's Focus
11. Apple's Focus

Apple decides to help Onion achieve his dream of competing on a baking show.

Lil Noodle
12. Lil Noodle

Apple and Onion must remain legit enough to be in their favorite rapper's music ...

Gyranoid of the Future
13. Gyranoid of the Future

Apple and Onion are dead set on riding Gyranoid of the Future, the craziest roll...

Fun Proof
14. Fun Proof

Apple and Onion want to become this week's "Most Fun People".

Whale Spotting
15. Whale Spotting

In order to see a rare whale, Apple and Onion have to become members of an exclu...

16. Heatwave

Apple and Onion try to spread cheer during a city-wide heatwave.

Apple's in Charge
17. Apple's in Charge

Apple is put in charge of the Dollar Store for the very first time.

Burger's Trampoline
18. Burger's Trampoline

After learning that Burger has a trampoline, Apple and Onion pay him a visit. Bu...

Baby Boi TP
19. Baby Boi TP

Apple and Onion run out of toilet paper because Apple's been building a huge mod...

Not Funny
20. Not Funny

With their 6 month friend anniversary approaching, Apple is in danger of losing ...

21. Onionless

Onion needs to leave town so Apple has to survive the weekend alone while taking...

Party Popper
22. Party Popper

Apple and Onion's party plans are interrupted by a grumpy guest.

Face Your Fears
23. Face Your Fears

Apple and Onion must face their fears if they are to save French Fry from their ...

Apple's Short
24. Apple's Short

Apple wants to experience love.

Positive Attitude Theory
25. Positive Attitude Theory

Apple and Onion spend a day in Falafel’s shoes and use their positive attitude t...

Follow Your Dreams
26. Follow Your Dreams

Apple and Onion need to find a dream to follow, so that their lives don't head n...

Sausage and Sweetie Smash
27. Sausage and Sweetie Smash

Onion must stop Apple from falling prey to his obsession, but a certain phone ga...

Selfish Shellfish
28. Selfish Shellfish

Apple and Onion are faced with a philosophical question: Are they truly doing go...

Apple's Formula
29. Apple's Formula

Apple needs to find a formula for comedy that will land him a movie role.

River of Gold
30. River of Gold

Apple and Onion find a mysterious book but they better read it fast before it di...

31. Appleoni

The wrong person is getting credit for a new dance craze.

Falafel's in Jail
32. Falafel's in Jail

Falafel's in trouble with the law despite pleading his innocence. Apple and Onio...

The Music Store Thief
33. The Music Store Thief

Instruments have been going missing from Apple and Onion's favourite music store...

The Fly
34. The Fly

Apple and Onion must rid their apartment of a fly or face eviction.

35. Dragonhead

In desperate need of a shower due, Apple and Onion resort to desperate measures.

Pulling Your Weight
36. Pulling Your Weight

Apple and Onion join a gym to gain the strength of seven people.

Rotten Apple
37. Rotten Apple

Onion’s Dad becomes convinced that Apple is a bad influence on his son.

The Inbetween
38. The Inbetween

Apple and Onion have promised they will be there for Falafel's birthday party. H...

Election Day
39. Election Day

Apple and Onion realize that the Mayor of their city is corrupt and they vow to ...

40. Champion

Stuck with a problematic pet, Apple and Onion need to somehow find a way to get ...

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animation, comedy, kid


2 Seasons Available (76 Episodes)

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Apple & Onion

In a world of talking food, best mates Apple and Onion fumble through city life, tackling ordinary problems by extraordinary means.

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Starring: Richard Ayoade, George Gendi

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