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A beautiful, intelligent young woman tries to navigate the modern dating and working worlds, while receiving conflicting advice from her two best friends.


A young woman seeks advice from friends as she explores the world of modern-day romance and career.

Worst First Date Ever
1. Worst First Date Ever

When Shelly arrives at a trendy bar wearing one of the expensive dresses she cre...

Condom Mania
2. Condom Mania

After a 10-month romantic drought, Shelly finds it increasingly difficult to res...

She Snoops to Conquer
3. She Snoops to Conquer

Rita and Janie persuade Shelly that she should know more about the man she's dat...

The Talk
4. The Talk

Surprised to see J.T. with another woman at Rita's party, Shelly flirts with a f...

Ego, Trips n' Salsa
5. Ego, Trips n' Salsa

Shelly and J.T. take salsa lessons, but J.T. quits, frustrated by his clumsiness...

6. CheckTease

After spending lots of money taking Shelly out to expensive dinners and a concer...

Player Down
7. Player Down

Shelly and J.T. prepare to celebrate their 3-month anniversary with a romantic w...

Hi Mom
8. Hi Mom

When J.T.'s mother walks in on Shelly and J.T. in bed, Shelly fears their romanc...

Private Dancer
9. Private Dancer

J.T. feels his privacy has been invaded after Shelly shares their bedroom detail...

The Ex Factor
10. The Ex Factor

When J.T.'s sexy, successful ex-girlfriend, Corryn, comes to Miami for a surpris...

Twas the Fight Before Christmas
11. Twas the Fight Before Christmas

Frustrated by the long hours Shelly's working during the holidays, J.T. tells he...

Just the Three of Us
12. Just the Three of Us

Nick becomes upset because Shelly is always at the apartment he shares with her ...

Valentine's Day Reloaded
13. Valentine's Day Reloaded

On Valentine's Day, the friends debate whether or not it was fate that Shelly an...

Sister, Sister
14. Sister, Sister

Shelly's successful, Ivy League-educated sister, Simone, comes for a visit, and ...

Porn Free
15. Porn Free

J.T. is thrilled by his newfound friendship with actor/comedian Cedric the Enter...

Party All the Time
16. Party All the Time

Shelly's globetrotting college friend, April, unexpectedly arrives in Miami.

Hair Is Stronger Than Pride
17. Hair Is Stronger Than Pride

Shelly convinces J.T. to visit her very popular hairstylist, Coleman, but when J...

Ride or Die Chick
18. Ride or Die Chick

Shelly jumps into J.T.'s bar brawl and, with one punch, puts an end to the fight...

Pimps Up, DivaStyle Down
19. Pimps Up, DivaStyle Down

The women at DivaStyle accidentally accept a client who turns out to be a pimp, ...

For Love and Money
20. For Love and Money

After her car accidentally catches on fire, Shelly asks J.T. to lend her money f...

They've Come Undone: Part 1
21. They've Come Undone: Part 1

In the one-hour season finale, a humiliated J.T. admits to Shelly that he doubts...

They've Come Undone: Part 2
22. They've Come Undone: Part 2

In the one-hour season finale, a humiliated J.T. admits to Shelly that he doubts...

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