The Lady and the Dale (HBO)
1 Seasons

The Lady and the Dale (HBO): 

This documentary series explores an audacious 1970s auto scam centered around a mysterious entrepreneur.

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Soldier of Fortune
1. Soldier of Fortune

Liz Carmichael's meteoric rise comes to a halt in 1974 when the promotion of her...

Caveat Emptor: Buyer Beware
2. Caveat Emptor: Buyer Beware

Liz's bold ambitions for The Dale begin to catch up with her.

The Guilty Fleeth
3. The Guilty Fleeth

As law enforcement begins to close in on the 20th Century Motor Car Company, Liz...

Celestial Bodies
4. Celestial Bodies

Liz's legacy as a trans woman, entrepreneur, and parent is contextualized within...

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The Lady and the Dale (HBO)


crime, documentary, original


1 Seasons Available (4 Episodes)

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About This Series

From Mark and Jay Duplass comes this documentary series that explores an audacious 1970s auto scam. Elizabeth Carmichael rose to prominence when she released a fuel-efficient three-wheeled vehicle during the 1970s gas crisis. As the mysterious entrepreneur wins over major carmakers and investors, a web of mystery unfolds regarding the car’s technology and her surprising past.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Candi Michael, Michael Michael, Jeri Burchard, Dick Carlson, Pete Noyes, Charles Richard Barrett, Susan Stryker, Sandy Stone, Mia Yamamoto

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