Mrs. Fletcher (HBO)

Mrs. Fletcher (HBO)

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From Tom Perrotta's bestseller comes this story chronicling the personal and sexual journeys of empty-nest mom, Eve Fletcher, and her son, Brendan. In the wake of dropping her only child off at college, Eve (Kathryn Hahn) stumbles upon a porn site, leading her to re-evaluate her own uneventful sex life. Meanwhile, Brendan finds college more complicated than expected.

Starring: Kathryn Hahn, Jackson White, Owen Teague, Cameron Boyce, Domenick Lombardozzi, Casey Wilson, Bill Raymond, Josh Hamilton, Christine Evangelista, Kelly Lamor Wilson, Katie Kershaw, Jen Richards, Rashad Demond Edwards, Jasmine Jones, Josh Pais, Cheech Manohar, Sheila Tapia, Neil Casey, Chris Coffey, Gabrielle Hhboe, Paul Fitzgerald, Michael Torpey


A woman and her college-student son embrace their newfound freedom with mixed results in Season 1.

Empty Best
1. Empty Best

Series premiere. Eve Fletcher deals with some inappropriate behavior at work.

Free Sample
2. Free Sample

Eve finds herself torn between the fantasy world of internet porn and the prospe...

Care Package
3. Care Package

Brendan visits a peer support group and makes a new friend. Eve bonds with her w...

Parents' Weekend
4. Parents' Weekend

Eve and Amanda attend a wake. Brendan reconnects with Ted at Parents' Weekend. M...

Invisible Fence
5. Invisible Fence

Eve gets out of her comfort zone at a hip party with Margo. Brendan and Chloe ha...

Solar Glow
6. Solar Glow

Eve is distracted by a series of flirtatious texts, while helping Jane through a...

Welcome Back
7. Welcome Back

Series finale. Eve celebrates a life-changing decision. Brendan has an epiphany ...

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