From the Earth to the Moon (HBO)

From the Earth to the Moon (HBO)

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Throughout history, mankind has dreamed of touching the stars. With the Apollo program, America turned that dream into reality. This exclusive 12-Part HBO Miniseries Event tells the full story of the Apollo space program, from the 1961 Presidential challenge that inspired it to the 1969-72 lunar voyages that defined it.

Starring: Tom Hanks, Tcheky Karyo, Daniel Hugh Kelly, Stephen Root, Nick Searcy, Lane Smith, David Andrews, Tony Goldwyn, Chris Isaak, Tim Daly


Can We Do This?
1. Can We Do This?

As the deadly consequences of the Apollo 13 accident escalate, so do the tension...

Apollo 1
2. Apollo 1

The tragic death of Apollo's first three astronauts during a pre-launch test hau...

We Have Cleared the Tower
3. We Have Cleared the Tower

A documentary film crew follows the final preparations for the first manned Apol...

4. 1968

NASA takes its boldest and most controversial step: an attempt to fly men around...

5. Spider

Engineers at Grumman Aviation work with NASA and the Apollo 9 astronauts to buil...

Mare Tranquilitatis
6. Mare Tranquilitatis

Conflicts, disastrous simulations and a series of last-minute crises threaten th...

That's All There Is
7. That's All There Is

A jet crash that kills one of his colleagues moves Alan Bean from forgotten astr...

We Interrupt This Program
8. We Interrupt This Program

As the deadly consequences of the Apollo 13 accident escalate, so do the tension...

For Miles & Miles
9. For Miles & Miles

America's first man in space, Alan Shepard, is grounded with an inner ear disorder.

Galileo Was Right
10. Galileo Was Right

Geology guru Lee Silver helps Dave Scott and his Apollo 15 crew unravel the moon...

The Original Wives' Club
11. The Original Wives' Club

Military wives struggle with their new 'jobs' handling both the national spotlig...

Le Voyage dans la Lune
12. Le Voyage dans la Lune

The bittersweet end of the Apollo program is juxtaposed with a light-hearted rec...

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