Grisse (HBO)

Grisse (HBO)

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In this action series, an unlikely group of heroes lead a rebellion against a brutal colonial ruler, and find themselves in control of a Dutch garrison town called Grisse. Set in the mid-1800s during the colonial period of the Dutch East Indies, various characters, each from diverse backgrounds and creeds, unite for the chance to free their people from the yoke of tyranny.

Starring: Adinia Wirasti, Marthino Lio, Michael Wahr, Joanne Kam, Zack Lee, Toshiji Takeshima, Edward Akbar, Ully Triani, Tom De Jong, Hossan Leong, Wafda Saifan, Kelly Tandiono, Alexandra Gottardo, Jamie Aditya


In Season 1, an unlikely group of heroes lead a rebellion that leaves them in control of a Dutch garrison town called Grisse.

Grisse 01
1. Grisse 01

Tyrannical colonialists descend on Grisse, forcing Kalia to leave life as she kn...

Grisse 02
2. Grisse 02

When the town erupts into chaos, the people of Grisse must elect a leader to uni...

Grisse 03
3. Grisse 03

When the Dutch army threatens to attack Grisse, the new town council must decide...

Grisse 04
4. Grisse 04

A bizarre stranger creates a stir and finds himself imprisoned after sneaking in...

Grisse 05
5. Grisse 05

After the council learns that Governor Daan is dead and Kurt has escaped, Kalia ...

Grisse 06
6. Grisse 06

While Kalia is held captive, Adnan takes control of Grisse; Ryuichi faces off wi...

Grisse 07
7. Grisse 07

Kalia, along with Chi’s gang, is imprisoned after refusing to surrender; later, ...

Grisse 08
8. Grisse 08

Season One Finale. The Dutch make their final descent, as the fate of Grisse han...

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