Frisky Dingo
2 Seasons

Frisky Dingo: 

Billionaire playboy Xander Crews battles the evil Killface as Awesome X.

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Billionaire playboy Xander Crews battles the evil Killface as Awesome X.

Meet Killface
1. Meet Killface

Killface, supervillain extraordinaire and loving father, has just begun his ques...

Meet Awesome X
2. Meet Awesome X

Billionaire tycoon Xander Crews (and his alter ego, superhero Awesome X) have a ...

Pimp My Revenue
3. Pimp My Revenue

Killface goes on a daytime talk show to talk about his world domination plans.

4. XPO

In order to trick Killface into granting billionaire tycoon Xander Crews the rig...

5. Kidnapped!

Killface, desperate for $12 billion to complete the Annihilatrix, decides to kid...

Emergency Room
6. Emergency Room

The entire Dingo gang, grievously injured in the collapse of the Annihilatrix's ...

Meet Antagone
7. Meet Antagone

Plucky reporter Grace Ryan is experiencing some pretty unpleasant side effects f...

Blind Faith
8. Blind Faith

Killface is... oh! Killface got blinded when Antagone spit formic acid into his ...

The Odd Couple
9. The Odd Couple

Killface and billionaire tycoon Xander Crews are now roommates and bestest buds....

Flowers for Nearl
10. Flowers for Nearl

The Xtacles, under threat of death at the hands of Stan, have to find a replacem...

Grate Escape
11. Grate Escape

Killface and tycoon Xander Crews escape from the sweatshop to rescue Simon from ...

Penultimate Fighting
12. Penultimate Fighting

Equipped only with a map, a bag of radishes and brand new eyes goggling about in...

Thrust Issues
13. Thrust Issues

Killface and Crews try to return to their lives following betrayals.

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Frisky Dingo


animation, comedy, fantasy-sci-fi


2 Seasons Available (25 Episodes)

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About This Series

From the co-creators of "Sealab 2021," this tale revolves around a super villain named Killface and his struggle to destroy the world -- but he finds that global destruction is hard work. While Killface unenthusiastically deals with his tasks, his nemesis, billionaire playboy Xander Crews, is on the case. Xander's superhero alias, Awesome X, puts on a good face to make sure his action figure line of toys stays in business.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Adam Reed, Christian Danley, Kate Miller, Kelly Jenrette, Lucky Yates

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