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Adult Material

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Hayley Squires plays leading British pornstar Jolene Dollar in Lucy Kirkwood’s new drama Adult Material. Juggling MILF glamour on camera and the reality of motherhood at home, Jolene is a poster girl for the industry. Through her eyes we see a world that isn’t defined by exploitation, but by opportunity for working class women. Adult Material is a story that asks vital and serious questions about sex in the age of the internet, the blurring of fantasy and reality, and economic choices for women. But with the irresistible Jolene Dollar at its heart, it is above all a hugely entertaining, moving, outrageous, and human debate about one woman’s journey away from porn, and towards sex.

Starring: Hayley Squires, Phil Daniels, Siena Kelly, Kerry Godliman, Joe Dempsie, Julian Ovenden, Rupert Everett


Hayley Squires plays a leading British pornstar Jolene Dollar in Lucy Kirkwood’s new four-part drama, Adult Material.

1. Rosebud

Legendary pornstar Jolene Dollar has her world shaken when she meets new girl Am...

Dry For Wet
2. Dry For Wet

Jolene attempts to pick up the pieces after the events of Carroll’s party and go...

3. Hayley

Nine months after Jolene’s exit from the porn industry, her life is unrecognisab...

Deep Fake
4. Deep Fake

Jolene’s day in court arrives and she is finally forced to confront her own secr...

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