Industry (HBO)

Industry (HBO)

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A young woman finds herself among a group of enterprising young graduates vying for jobs at one of London's top banks in Season 1.

1. Induction

Series premiere. Ambitious young grads angle for permanent positions at the pree...

Quiet and Nice
2. Quiet and Nice

A disastrous combination of drugs, alcohol, and inappropriate confrontations der...

Notting Hill
3. Notting Hill

When a major client stops trading with Pierpoint, the recent graduates are prese...

4. Sesh

After her birthday celebration gets out of hand, Harper learns that a discrepanc...

Learned Behaviour
5. Learned Behaviour

When Pierpoint is rocked by a former employee's scathing expose, the grads use i...

6. Nutcracker

Sex, drugs, and secrets light up Pierpoint's annual holiday party. Later, Harper...

Pre-Crisis Activity
7. Pre-Crisis Activity

With Reduction in Force Day fast approaching, the graduates scramble to curry fa...

Reduction in Force
8. Reduction in Force

Season One Finale. The graduates stand before Pierpoint's senior management to f...

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