Inside Amy Schumer

Inside Amy Schumer

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Watch as comic Amy Schumer exposes the messy world she lives in. Through sketches, stand-up and woman-on-the-street interviews, Inside Amy Schumer takes an unflinching look at the dilemmas and drunken debacles that make everyday life such a nightmare.


Amy Schumer steps into a series of embarrassing episodes in the first season of her hit show. From auditioning for "2 Girls 1 Cup" to asking everyday people uncomfortably personal questions, Amy's out to push buttons -- and boundaries.

Bad Decisions
1. Bad Decisions

Amy regrets having a one night stand, getting on a plane, and auditioning for "2...

Real Sext
2. Real Sext

Amy tries to figure out sexting, visits a testicle-themed restaurant, and interv...

A Porn Star is Born
3. A Porn Star is Born

Amy quits her job as a porn star, refuses to accept a compliment, and finds out ...

The Horror
4. The Horror

Amy gets a terrible haircut, farts when she gets scared, and makes out with Ambe...

Gang Bang
5. Gang Bang

Amy hosts her own gang bang, gives her friend a vibrator, and uses cancer as an ...

Meth Lab
6. Meth Lab

Amy tries to maintain her makeover, cooks meth, and gets the food slapped out of...

Unpleasant Truths
7. Unpleasant Truths

Amy has multiple personalities, loses it on her boyfriend, and gets molested.

Clown Panties
8. Clown Panties

Amy catches her boyfriend cheating, fights an addiction, and roasts a 12-year-old.

Terrible People
9. Terrible People

Amy lies to get out of a charity event, wears a catsuit, and conjures Dave Attell.

Sex Tips
10. Sex Tips

Amy wakes up in bed with 2 guys, tries to discover the perfect sex tip, and comp...

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