Head Over Heels (HBO)
2 Seasons

Head Over Heels (HBO): 

Love triangles intertwine and converge in this series about complex sexual relationships in central Europe.

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Three intertwined stories are at the heart of Season 1 of this series that looks at modern love in all its complexity.

Head Over Heels 01
1. Head Over Heels 01

Jakub hits Sarka with his bike and invites her to dinner. Zuzana and Milan argue...

Head Over Heels 02
2. Head Over Heels 02

Ema unknowingly corresponds with Milan on a dating website. Jakub's ex, Marketa,...

Head Over Heels 03
3. Head Over Heels 03

At Ema's insistence, she and Milan meet for the first time. Marketa reveals big ...

Head Over Heels 04
4. Head Over Heels 04

Ema and Milan continue to meet anonymously, in the dark. Sarka and Jakub try to ...

Head Over Heels 05
5. Head Over Heels 05

Milan reveals to Ema that he's married. Jakub takes a job at the ad agency where...

Head Over Heels 06
6. Head Over Heels 06

Ema's surgery doesn't go well and she slips into a coma. Meanwhile, Sarka begins...

Head Over Heels 07
7. Head Over Heels 07

Sarka brings her mother along with Jiri to a company dinner. Marketa uses the oc...

Head Over Heels 08
8. Head Over Heels 08

Ema finally wakes up and Karel fills her in on what she missed. Linda is upset t...

Head Over Heels 09
9. Head Over Heels 09

Ema finally sends Milan a photo and is hurt by his reaction. When she goes to Zu...

Head Over Heels 10
10. Head Over Heels 10

Ema confides in Karel about Milan being Zuzana's husband. Sarka gets a visit fro...

Head Over Heels 11
11. Head Over Heels 11

Sarka gets acquainted with her father and quits her job. Linda wants more from t...

Head Over Heels 12
12. Head Over Heels 12

Zuzana comes out to Milan and tells him she wants a divorce. Ema tells Karel tha...

Head Over Heels 13
13. Head Over Heels 13

Jakub breaks up with Marketa. Zuzana and Milan agree to a separation. Ema finall...

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Head Over Heels (HBO)


comedy, international, original, romance


2 Seasons Available (23 Episodes)

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About This Series

Love triangles intertwine and converge in this look at complex sexual relationships in contemporary central Europe. A half-hour romantic comedy series, 'Head Over Heels' was directed by acclaimed Czech director Jan Hrebejk.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Jirí Havelka, Ana Geislerová, Anna Polívková, Jitka Cvancarová, Hynek Cermák, Lenka Krobotová

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