Grace (HBO)

Grace (HBO)

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This 4-part original miniseries from HBO Asia brings a western styled approach to the conventional Asian horror genre. 'Grace' is about a man who succumbs to weakness and his failure to live a moral life condemns those he loves to unspeakable horror. Renowned Chinese-American actor Russell Wong stars.


A man who succumbs to moral weakness condemns those he loves to unspeakable horror in this horror miniseries.

Grace 01
1. Grace 01

An HBO Asia Original miniseries about a father’s mistake which condemns his fami...

Grace 02
2. Grace 02

Following the birth of her first child, Lisa begins to unravel. Her paranoia is ...

Grace 03
3. Grace 03

Vivian's frantic efforts to find the missing family members will bring her close...

Grace 04
4. Grace 04

In chilling circularity, the family find themselves back at the mysterious Egres...

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