Mosaic (HBO)
1 Seasons

Mosaic (HBO): 

A six-part thriller about a children's author (Sharon Stone) who gets submerged in a twisting tale of passion, intrigue and deception.

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Meet Olivia Lake
1. Meet Olivia Lake

Children’s author Olivia Lake befriends a would-be artist named Joel, and connec...

Moving Forward, Not Back
2. Moving Forward, Not Back

As his relationship with Olivia heats up, Eric weighs whether to come clean abou...

3. Zebra-Itis

Eric’s sister Petra queries police about Olivia’s case, and heads south to appea...

Ilsa From Finland
4. Ilsa From Finland

Joel's New Year's Eve whereabouts come under increased scrutiny.

The Reckoning
5. The Reckoning

Joel weighs his options as evidence against him mounts; Eric is dogged by new al...

Fact and Fiction
6. Fact and Fiction

Finale. Petra treads on dangerous ground in her attempt to solve the Mosaic puzzle.

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Mosaic (HBO)


crime, drama, original, suspense


1 Seasons Available (6 Episodes)

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About This Series

Welcome to the future of storytelling. ​From Steven Soderbergh, this six-part thriller focuses on a successful children's author and illustrator (Sharon Stone) whose rural idealism gets submerged by an avalanche of deception, lies, corruption and murder.

Cast and Crew

Starring: Sharon Stone, Garrett Hedlund, Jennifer Ferrin, Devin Ratray, Frederick Weller, Maya Kazan, Beau Bridges, James Ransone, Jeremy Bobb, Alexandra "Zandy" Hartig, Michael Cerveris, Bridget "Bridey" Elliott, Paul Reubens, Allison Tolman, Brandon Olive, Jacob Vargas, Alma Delfina, Tom Wilson, Veronica Osorio

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