The Teenage Psychic (HBO)

The Teenage Psychic (HBO)

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Xiao Zhen, a 16-year-old with psychic abilities, does her best to juggle school life and her duties as a temple medium, all while dealing with her first crush. In this series, her experiences teach her how happy life can be, how brief life is, and how learning to smile in the face of life's ups and downs is the greatest gift of all. Mandarin, with English subtitles.


A 16-year-old psychic juggles school life and her duties as a temple medium in Season 1. Mandarin, with English subtitles.

1. 01

Series Premiere. Teenager Xiao Zhen has a secret she keeps from her schoolmates:...

2. 02

A family brings their son, who is possessed, to the temple where Xiao Zhen quick...

3. 03

When the Drama Club rehearses in their old abandoned school, they wake the spiri...

4. 04

Ah Le asks Xiao Zhen to try to divine if his father is still alive. Mandarin, wi...

5. 05

Xiao Zhen is uncertain of Ah Le's feelings for her. Mandarin, with English subtitles.

6. 06

Season One Finale. An unexpected incident upsets Xiao Zhen, who grows moody and ...

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